Best Online Casino Games To Play In 2020


Gambling is an ancient art. Casinos the venues where gambling matches usually took place, existed around the world even a millennium ago but the Ridotto in Venice, established in 1638, is the world’s oldest existing casino. From nondescript buildings on some shady corners of the city, casinos have evolved to their new, online avatar. Online casinos in Canada cater to a vast audience, facilitating people to play at their own pace and place while maintaining the thrill of gambling intact. With the COVID-19 lockdown leaving us with a lot of time on our hands, let’s explore the best online casino games one can play in 2020.

Best Online Casino Games To Play In 2020

1. Online slots

Slots are the most ancient form of gambling. Usually, casinos have slot machines where a spinning reel determines the payout. With online slots, the game gets bigger and better as players can choose their stakes and there are more reels to choose from, in contrast to the typical 3-reel system followed in on-land casinos. A computer algorithm generates a random number, simulating the spin of the reel, thereby making the game just and fair for all. Though other parameters like Wilds, Scatters and Paytables closely mimic on-land casinos, vibrant gameplay and ease of use give online slots and edge over. Online slots cater to both gambling novices and experts by offering games at various levels. The user can choose the level at which he wants to play and progress to higher levels, if and when he wants. Some of the best online slot games include Wheel of Fortune, Thunderstruck II and Triple Diamond.

2. Online roulette

Centuries ago, even before the advent of casinos, the roulette had its own set of devotees. Roulette consists of a circular, wooden board with the numbers 1-37 and 0, ’00’ printed on it and a rotating ball attached to it. When the croupier sets the game in motion, the board and the ball spin in the opposite direction and when the ball stops, pointing to a particular number on the board, the person who had staked his money on that number wins. Online roulette simulates the spin mentioned above using a code called random number generator. Online casino roulette games are fun, easy to play and safe when one chooses the right match and the right website. Some of the best online roulette games and sites are 888Casino and Red PingWin.

3. Video poker

The eponymous poker game played at watering holes, clubs and sleepovers has just got a facelift, in the form of video poker. It is a casino game based on the ubiquitous five-card- draw poker and is played on a gaming console, instead of a slot machine. When money or a paper slip containing credit, is inserted into the machine, the user begins to ‘deal’ and is given the opportunity to replace his own cards by drawing new ones from the virtual deck. After the draw, if the hand or hands match one of the winning combinations, the payout is given to the player. Many video poker games offer attractive bonuses and a steady stream of jackpots, to keep the player’s enthusiasm and involvement intact. Some of the most common versions of video poker are Deuce Wild, Joker’s Wild and Anything’s Wild. Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better and Double Bonus Poker are some of the most popular video pokers games that one can try.

4. Blackjack

Launched in the mid-1990s, online blackjack soon became an internet phenomenon, engaging both amateur and veteran gamblers. The minimum amount that can be gambled is always lower than other online casino games and never changes. Further, if one is an expert blackjack player, he/she can deal directly with the dealer,(i.e.) his/her game does not get affected by the presence or inexperience of other players. With more variations of the game on offer, online blackjack has a steady following, which keeps increasing consistently day by day. There are even freeroll tournaments (i.e.) tournaments that do not require any entry fee so a player can enter and gamble, without the fear of losing anything! Some of the most immersive blackjack games and websites on offer are Jackpot City, William Hill Casino and Party Casino.


The games listed here are only some of the wide range of casino games that are available online. So take your time, choose the one that best suits you and have fun!