The Best Pickup Lines 2018 That Actually Work


    A good pickup line can make or break an impression. We make sure that you hit on the right girl and get chance to date the woman of your dreams. Just use these pickup lines and you will start scoring more.

    Best Pickup Lines 2018

    If you’re single, then you’re probably on Tinder, you’d need these 100% working best pickup lines. We have gathered hundreds of pickup line which are being loved by almost every girl.

    best pickup lines 2018

    Here are some the Best Pickup Lines 2018 That Actually Work!

    Cute Pickup Lines

    If life was a deck of cards, you will be the queen of hearts

    She will not be able to resist you when you speak this line. Tell her to a woman you genuinely have feelings for. She will feel delighted because you are giving her all your attention.

    Hi! Cupid just called me, and he wants you to give me my heart back

    You just met her, and she has responded to your smile. This is the right time to tell her that Cupid has already taken your heart and she might be the one who stole it. Go ahead and tell her this thing in a soft voice.

    I can die happy now that I have seen a piece of heaven

    She is beautiful, and you can’t help but admire her beauty. This is the line you should use to tell her that you are completely fascinated by her and want to convey your heartiest regards to her.

    If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be walking in my garden

    She has taken your heart away and you know that she is the one you should be dating next. Just tell her that she is an amazing woman and that your heart smells of roses when you think of her and she might just say yes.

    It’s not my fault I fell for you. You tripped me

    This is a cute and funny line and she would be completely enthralled by your description of falling in love with her. In fact, this is a classic pick up line. It is not offensive, and you are less likely to get a cold stare in reply.

    Also, take a look at this amazing best man speech example and go for it.

    Let’s commit the perfect crime. I will steal your heart and you steal mine

    Though it isn’t exactly a pickup line, it will be perfect for the first and second date, when you know the girl and are certain that she is the one for you. This line will definitely make her fall in love with you in an instance.

    Funny Pickup Lines

    When I first looked at you, I searched for a signature as every masterpiece has one

    You see her at a party or a social gathering and she is looking stunning. She is a perfect 10 and there is nothing more that can be done to add to her beauty. She is an elegant and classy woman and you have fallen for her. Use this line to tell her just how much you really appreciate her presence.

    I hope there are fire workers around coz you are smoking hot

    Words can’t describe how beautiful she looks. You are awestruck by her beauty. Contrary to the line above, use this one in an informal setting. She will love the way you appreciate her beauty. Get a little more flirtatious and ask for her number right away. She might be interested.

    Are you a camera? Coz every time I look at your, I smile

    She is cute and beautiful. You think that she is desirable and would look great with you. If such is the case, don’t wait anymore and tell her that she makes you smile with this small but perfect pickup line. It works in conditions when you both have already exchanged a glance or a smile.

    If you were a vegetable, you would be a cute-cumber

    This is a line you should be saving for informal settings and light flirtations. This is definitely not the line you should speak when you meet her right away. If you have had a chance to converse, even as a part of a group and she loves to talk, this is the line that will earn you brownie points.

    There aren’t enough Os in smooth to describe how smooth you are

    You have just met. She shook your hand and you find her skin incredibly smooth. Her baby soft skin is no match for any other woman. This pickup line will make her blush. She will probably smile and say thank you. Ask her the reason behind her smooth skin. This will likely strike a conversation and she will never forget how you complimented her.

    Romantic Pickup Lines

    romantic pickup lines

    Do you have a band-aid? Coz I just scrapped my knee falling for you.

    It is cute and romantic and works like a charm if you are a young pair. She will love the way you tell her right away that you love her.

    Hey! How was heaven when you left it?

    If she has angel eyes and an angel smile, this the pickup line you should be using on her. After all, what better than telling her a woman than telling her that you find her an adorable, angelic creature.

    Are you a magician? Everything disappears when I look at you

    She will fall for you head over heels if you are able to speak this line to her with all your wit and charm. If she blushes or smiles, your work is done. She will definitely date you.

    Do you sit on a pile of glitter? Coz you always keep shining

    If she doesn’t smile and says ‘aww’ when you speak this line, you are probably incredibly unlucky. This line always works and girls, both young and mature, love it. Try it on one and see the favorable reaction.

    You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine

    She will love the way you compare her with sunshine. In fact, you can call her ‘princess’ or ‘sunshine’ to make her feel that you actually believe she is the center of your world right now. Women love this kind of attention.

    If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I’ll only have a dollar coz you never leave my mind

    This is a classic line with a twist. If she has occupied your mind completely and you cannot think of anyone else but her, this is the line for you. She would be expecting you to say, ‘If I had a dollar for every time I think of you, I would be a millionaire’. However, she will be treated with a twist ending. You will only have a dollar because she now lives in your heart.

    18+ pickup lines

    Do you sit on a pile of sugar? Coz you have a sweet ass

    If she has a booty and she likes to show it, make sure that you charm her with this line. It is a powerful pickup line that will make her go crazy in an instant.

    Are you a mirror? Coz I can see myself inside you

    Nothing to subtle about this line. It can help you get access to her heart or can get you a cold stare. Anything is possible with this line.

    I lost my tongue. Can I put yours in my mouth?

    Forget about giving subtle hints. This one is all about giving her a clear signal of what you want. If she has beautiful lips and is passing hints about her interest in you, this is the line you should use.

    Are you a dictionary? Coz you give a new meaning to ‘edible’

    Do you find her looking like a delicious cupcake? This is one line that will help you open her heart and give her a hearty laugh as well.

    Touch your toes and I will tell you where the rocket goes

    Want to give subtle hints about your intentions and letting her figure out the rest on her own, this is the line you should be using. An innocent one might take some time to understand the line but if you are with someone who gets the meaning quickly, expect a quick reply.

    What has four legs but not the most beautiful girl in the world? My bed.

    This is for that one time when you simply can’t think about anything else but getting laid. It is a nice line with adult undertones but is not as offensive as the others.

    Bonus pickup line – Must Try!

    You have been checking her out for some time now. You think you should go and talk to her. Well, if you are short of words, this is what you should speak.

    You- “Do you have a twin sister?”

    She- “No. Why?”

    You- “In that case, I am talking to the most beautiful woman in the world”

    This line always works. It is old, but it will help you score a few points. She will be impressed, and you might even get to strike a conversation. Remember, if she smiles, even the most awkward guys will be able to get a date.

    Can you think of more pickup lines that help you win over women? Have you used any one of these lines before? Let us know in the comments below. The Best Pickup Lines 2018 That Actually Work

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