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With user numbers skyrocketing, plenty of people will find themselves making more use of video conferencing app Zoom at the moment. If you are a newcomer to the software, understanding the etiquette that is involved and making use of all the features might take a little time.

To give you a head-start, here are some important pieces of advice that will turn you from a Zoom novice to a power user in no time.

Choose the right background

Setting up somewhere in your home to act as your base of operations for Zoom calls is sensible, although it may be tricky to do depending on your domestic arrangements. The best option, then, is to take advantage of the Virtual Backgrounds setting, which replaces your surroundings with an image or video of your choice without the need for a green screen.

You can find brilliant, professional-looking options on Hello Backgrounds, each of which will let you create the right impression whether you are hosting a call with important clients or just chatting with friends and family.

Manage the mute function

Zoom calls can become a bit of a free-for-all unless the person who is hosting proceedings is well versed in muting participants at suitable points. Whatever the setup, it may make sense to always have your video and audio set to be muted and disabled when you join a call, giving you time to prepare and avoid any faux pas.

Furthermore when you are not contributing, mute your mic so that others in the call are not bombarded by ambient noise from your home, or exposed to anything you might mutter without thinking; the mic can be quite sensitive and you might not want people to overhear.

Select suitable security settings

Zoom has a versatile selection of security tools that you can access if you are the host of a given call. Effective use of these is necessary to avoid embarrassment and other emerging problems.

For example, you may want to block participants from screen sharing, using the chat function or renaming themselves in the middle of a call, especially if the meeting itself is open to a wide group. You can also manage participants separately to mute or even expel certain users as required.

Be prepared

Although the rise in working from home might have made many professional responsibilities feel like they can be tackled in a more casual way, it is best to avoid bringing this laid-back attitude to Zoom calls. This is particularly true if you are going to be an important participant in the call, whether you are leading the entire event or just contributing in some other capacity.

Preparing everything you need well in advance, whether that might be materials to share with participants or figures you need to have to hand, is the best solution. It is also sensible to take Zoom for a test drive and get to know all of its features and quirks before you jump into your first fully fledged call, as this will help you to iron out any issues without being scrutinized by other people at the same time.

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