Best Practices for a Successful Virtual Product Launch

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Launching a brand new product is an important event for any business. After immense hard work, various strategies, and successful approaches, a company reaches this stage. Even the best products won’t be able to market themselves, they need a unique event to generate buzz and stimulate interest among everyone.

Today, with the virtual venue being everyone’s priority, it becomes more important to host a successful product launch by utilizing a reliable virtual event platform. Conducting virtual product launch events using the most suitable digital space can be a very interactive and prosperous approach to display your newest product to the world.

Let us go through the appropriate steps required to correctly plan, perform, and follow up with your virtual product launch events to make them a successful affair.

The right preparation

Product launches need enormous preparation in any situation, therefore when a virtual element gets added, new factors come into the picture. Every product launch has different sets of requirements based on their services. For instance, your product launch can be the most efficient one if it is displayed in a video while another product can get more recognition if launched through a virtual event. Determining which media can be the best option for your product launch will help you generate more awareness and impact. You also need to put yourself in the shoes of the potential attendees or buyers to make your virtual product launch a success.

Choose the right virtual product launch venue

By launching your products online, you’re expanding the global reach of your product, enabling people residing in any part of the world to take part in the virtual event. This is a profitable situation for both the company and the audience.

With an all-in-one virtual event platform like Dreamcast, you can design a completely customizable, branded product launch for several attendees, along with accumulating tons of valuable data that will profit your sales and marketing unit after the event is over.

Make it a memorable event

To make your virtual product launch extraordinary, consider implementing features that will give life-like event experiences to the attendees. You can think of having dynamic banners, an immersive 3D environment, or a themed venue to raise more excitement among the audience.

Add sufficient twists and turns to promote engagement at your virtual event. Get the right guests for your virtual event, who would keep the audience involved and hooked throughout the event.

The idea is to avoid missing out on points that are required to recreate the experience of physical events.

Keep it interactive

A virtual product launch needs to be exciting and engaging to retain your attendees. Since you have a group of people attending the event online, you’ll have to understand their expectations too from the event.

We understand that it can get tedious for virtual attendees to remain seated in one place and stare at the screen for long hours.

Hence, pick the best virtual event platform that includes amazing interactive features like games, surveys, live polls, networking lounge, breakout sessions, Q&As to keep the audience involved in various ways.

Promote your virtual event

Promotion or the right marketing strategies is an important step to spread awareness about your virtual product launch. Leverage various social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to post updates, pictures, or videos regarding your event. You can also put stories using event-specific hashtags and ask the online attendees to do the same. This will give you an estimate of interested attendees and can also help in promoting the event. Also, make sure that your company website is updated and consists of all the important information. Another important approach is to create a compelling landing page that has all the important information like the date and time of your event along with a registration link that can easily be accessed by the participants.

Easily Accessible

There can be a possibility of some people missing out on your virtual events. But, you never know, probably one of them could be a qualified lead. Hence, consider recording the live virtual product launch event so that it is accessible as on-demand content and no one is missed out. This feature also allows the attendees to re-watch the event even if they had originally attended it.

Increased Visibility

You need to ensure that your brand is noticeable. After all, this is the main motive behind any product launch event, which is to showcase your brand, products, and services to a wide range of people. Several virtual event platforms can create and incorporate customized content, such as branded registration/landing pages, dynamic banners, or gamification and networking zones with their brand logo and products being displayed right on top of the screen. If there are accompanying presentations or videos included at the event, make sure to implement consonant branding and messaging in the same.

Take a follow-up

Even after your virtual product launch is over, you still have ample information to extract from the data and insights obtained before and during the event.

Post-event activities require certain tactics to sustain relationships with qualified leads and attendees who took part in your virtual event.

One of the most powerful approaches involves sending emails to the potential leads who also attended the virtual product launch. Make sure to add some warmth while sending a “thank you” email to all the attendees who visited the event, and a “sorry we missed you” email to people who registered but didn’t attend the event.

Gather valuable information from the attendees by collecting relevant feedback. This information can also be used to make significant improvements for your future events.

The digital environment continues to bring new opportunities and abilities for companies to showcase their products and offerings. Carefully analyze and plan how you want to launch your new product and present it in front of the world.

To make your virtual product launch event a success, you’ll have to adopt the right virtual event platform that’s competent in live streaming and provides a completely branded experience to your attendees.

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