Best Productivity Tricks for Effective Work

If you want to be as productive as possible, you should be really skilled at managing your time. Anyone can succeed in this field. All you need is just a little knowledge about how to organize your time:

1. Create a daily to-do list. Plan the day ahead each morning based on priorities (tasks that need to be completed immediately or that day), and then projects that you can spend a little more time on. Creating a new to-do list each morning helps you reorient your priorities every day so you can balance your workday and make time for both short and long-term tasks. You may prefer to create such a list before going to bed. It’s up to you.

2.  Set a time to check social media. Resist the temptation to watch your channels on social media all day long. This will only keep you from focusing on the task at hand. Instead, set a time every day to check your social accounts. For example, you can use your lunch break to check your Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also spend your lunch break by chatting with your friends on voice messenger. It allows you to do something not so important meanwhile.

3.  Use the two-minute rule. Once you’ve planned your day, take a look at your checklist: if there’s a task that takes two minutes or less, do it right now. Procrastination is a major productivity killer. If you keep promoting the project, you will keep thinking about it even when you are doing other work. Maybe it’s as easy as taking notes from the previous day’s meeting. It may not be an adorable task, but if it is a task that can be completed quickly, do so now. Print these notes and send them so you can focus on the more interesting arrangements on your list.

4.  Set a time to check your email. For many professions ignoring your email is not an option for effective team collaboration. But you can’t let your email rule your life. If you have a task that will take at least two hours, plan to check your email once an hour. This way, you can track any messages that need urgent attention and save others to read later when you finish your project. Another great option is to use an email organizer. This kind of software can do almost everything connected with sorting and cleaning emails, except for writing replies.

5.  Turn off your notifications. With your scheduled day, including the time to check social media, it can be easy to get dragged into the fray with repeated notifications on both your phone and your computer. Turn off notifications will help you get more productive at your work.

6.  Remember to breathe or meditate. Start your day with a healthy dose of pre-workday meditation to focus and think about your day and plans. Take at least five minutes each morning to clear your head and get ready for the day. Also, in times of stress, find an empty office, close your eyes and just breathe. You will return to your table refreshed, calmer, and better prepared for the day ahead.

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