Best Windshield Wipers for Cold Weather


Cold weather can do a number on your vehicle’s windshield wipers, drying and cracking the rubber blade before its time. Winter temperatures can also lead to snow and ice buildup on the wiper and its moving parts, which can prevent the arm from moving and leave you with no wiper action. Here are some of the best windshield wipers for cold-weather performance that you can count on. Check your driver’s manual or visit an auto store for a free VIN lookup to help you answer the question, “What size windshield wipers do I need?”

#1 Rain-X Silicone AdvantEdge

The AdvantEdge wiper blade from Rain-X is a rear-window blade that is made from durable silicone. Resistant to all weather conditions, this tough number won’t let you down when clearing ice from the window. It can last twice as long as rubber blades and is stable and non-reactive to temperature extremes. It also resists ozone and UV rays.

#2 Bosch Evolution

Made of blended rubber, the wiping edge clears away all water. The patented design of this blade is bracket-free, which translates to better resistance to snow and ice buildup. A wind spoiler harnesses airflow to shield precision-tensioned steel springs from the elements in all types of weather.

#3 Duralast Winter Conventional

This winter weather blade from Duralast is for the rear window. It’s made with PTFE, a compound of carbon and fluorine that resists all types of moisture. It also reduces friction between the blade and glass, allowing a smooth swipe across the windshield. The frame design features a rubber shrouding that prevents ice buildup. The symmetrical beam shape also helps maintain an even application of pressure, which adds to blade longevity.

#4 Bosch SnowDriver

These beam wiper blades from Bosch are designed to work in harsh weather and tested to operate at -20 degrees. Designed for all-season performance, they feature a grooved spoiler to prevent ice and snow buildup. The rubber blade features a special coating on the wiping edge that helps maintain its flexibility in all weather conditions.

#5 PIAA Si-Tech

Made of silicone, this beam wiper is frameless, designed without metal components that, when exposed, lead to snow and ice buildup. Silicone is a natural water barrier that also resists UV rays and ozone, so it lasts longer before needing replacement. Featuring reduced friction against the glass, it also delivers a long, clean stroke.

#6 Type-S Heated Beam

Prevent snow and ice from forming on your windshield with this heated beam wiper blade from Type-S. It activates automatically in cold temperatures to give you a warm blade that makes it easier to maintain a clear view. Its aerodynamic design delivers clean swipes across the glass, and this is one blade that’s easy to install.

Shop Where You Get Free VIN Lookups

When you need new wiper blades, invest in a good pair of all-weather or winter weather blades. If you’re shopping online, try an auto store that offers a free VIN lookup to help you determine the right wiper for your car, truck or SUV. It’s a great way to get the right fit for all of your auto parts.

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