Biggest Gaming and Gambling Tournaments in 2021


The rise of esports that we had the opportunity to witness over the past few years is certainly impressive. And while video games have been around for quite some time now, they simply weren’t as popular as they are today. Of course, any competitive gamer’s dream was always to be better than their fellow peers. Which is precisely where tournaments enter the stage.

In the early years of gaming, the only real way one could compete with their peers if by throwing so-called “LAN parties”. Does anyone remember those? However, with the world of gaming evolving so fast and so much, gaming and gambling tournaments became a thing. To such an extent actually that nowadays, some people have even managed to build full on lucrative careers as competitive gamers. With that being said, here are some of the biggest gaming and gambling tournaments in 2021.

FIFA eWorld Cup

The FIFA eWorld Cup is probably one of the most populated and popular eSports events in the world. The number of participants counts millions, and it only continues on growing each year. Initially, competition rounds are open to anyone online who wishes to participate. However, the final tournament is happening in real-time, live. The total prize pool counts staggering $500,000 with $250,000 being reserved for the winner.


Blizzard’s BlizzCon was first hosted back in 2005. This is probably the most widely known gaming convention in the world counting over 40,000 participants. Here, participants can take part in the Overwatch World Cup, Starcraft II Championships and the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Aside form these, BlizzCon also features new game teasers and various other fun activities. In 2021 we can only expect to see even more participants and speculate about all the new game teasers and announcements we’ll most certainly be presented with.

Overwatch World Cup

As mentioned earlier, the Overwatch World Cup is hosted by none other than Blizzard Entertainment. Here, every Overwatch lover can apply for qualifications that are held all around the world. In as much as 19 different cities the Overwatch lovers can apply to partake in the tournament. Of course, in order to participate, you must have your team. The prize pool consists of generous $5 million, which certainly places Overwatch World Cup right at the top of the list.

Online iGaming tournaments

While gaming and eSports tournaments are already quite established in the world of entertainment, not many people realize that iGaming tournaments are also becoming a thing. What’s more, iGaming tournaments are constantly gaining in popularity, as the world of iGaming continues to grow and expand. However, it’s important to note that here, there are so many different tournaments one can sign up for depending on the type of game you prefer. So, in order to find the right gambling tournament for yourself you first need to decide in which category your favorite game falls into. Be it slots, roulette, poker or blackjack, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

Smite World Championships

Even though maybe not as popular or well-known as Overwatch, the game Smite is quite fun and entertaining. It is also one of the rare MOBA games that survived successful transition to consoles, aside from its PC alternative. As you can expect, the prize pool is significantly smaller compared to some of the prize pools that we’ve mentioned earlier. But that doesn’t change the fact that Smite World Championships provides an enjoyable experience for both participants and observers alike.

League of Legends World Cup

Of course, we simply can’t be talking about gaming tournaments without mentioning the League of Legends World Cup. Since League of Legends is extremely popular around the globe, the tournament is held each year in a different location. With a prize pool in the range of $2 million per capita, it’s more than obvious why so many people sign up each year.

Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite is another extremely popular game, produced by Epic Games, that that also features great competition and generous prizes. In 2019 the prize pool was up to $100 million in total, which is quite a big sum. The attendance counts about 10,000 people which only speaks further about the popularity of the event and the game, in general. Fortnite World Cup has arguably one of the biggest prize pools in the gaming events’ history.

Fortnite Secret Skirmish

Of course, we simply can’t talk about Fortnite without mentioning the Fortnite Secret Skirmish. This is a group of small events that basically act as a prelude to the Fortnite World Cup. Fortnite Secret Skirmish is consistent of both qualification rounds and various smaller prize-awarding tournaments. These smaller tournaments also offer cash prizes up to $500,000.

Capcom Cup

Last but certainly not least is the Capcom Cup. This tournament celebrates the traditional fighting games and is streamed live for 16 to 32 players. Of course, those players are being selected during a smaller competition before they meet to compete for the main prize. Both the games and the somewhat more private atmosphere make this tournament one of the most enjoyable tournaments for the classic, old school games lovers.

Needless to say, these were just some of the biggest gaming and gambling tournaments you can follow in 2021. And even though the previous year affected some of these events, you can rest assured you’ll be able to enjoy them this year – at least via a live stream.

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