Blog Like a Boss: Brilliant Tips to Successful Blogging

blog like a boss

You are well-versed in the art of content Creation, but do you get to exhibit that art? If you wish to, then blogs are your answer. Internet and social media have made it easy to access free content everywhere anytime, and if you’ve Mediacom Internet, your life gets even easier with the super-fast speeds it offers.

Your blog is going to be one of those resources that contributes to free online content and competes with other bloggers in that niche. The question is, how do you get your audience to realize that you are the boss in that niche? Read on to find out.

Content Is an Asset, Take Care Of It

What you include in your blog, matters and how you go about doing it, matters the most; after all, that’s why your audience follows you. If they don’t find the content interesting, they would exit your blogpost faster than you can say Kentucky Derby.

So pay attention to your content. Apart from keeping a lookout for basic stuff like grammatical errors and easy readability, it’s imperative that you instill these practices for your content.

  • Headline: To click or not to click; the headline lets your audience decide that. A headline expert said that the first three words of a headline are perceived by most readers, ensure that it’s readable within 6 seconds.

Blogposts with most pageviews have titles with action verbs, brand names, firm opinions, and most importantly it is precise. Moreover, make headlines interesting, witty or even funny.

  • Ideas: Don’t cram too many ideas in one post. Describe one idea in detail with examples, images, and stories. Going over dozens of ideas at once will make the post more complex and difficult to navigate and without depth. You could always have a separate blogpost for each idea that pops up in your mind.
  • Purpose: Keep in mind the purpose while writing a post: referrals, links, attention on social media, selling a product, etc.
  • Structure: A long and winding one without pause would hurt your reader’s eyes. Neil Patel does an amazing job at structuring his 2000+ length content; it’s broken in very small paragraphs, which a reader absolutely loves to read. Font type and size, spacing between paragraphs, and formatting, make it easier for the eye. Fancy fonts may look nice, but they require an extra cognitive effort to read. Therefore, don’t let your audience labor.

A list post is also a great way to increase the readability of your content, so embrace it.

  • Audience: Your content’s tone and complexity would be different for the audience of age 14-18 than for the audience of age 30-40. It will also differ depending on whether your audience is tech-loving audience and or a fashionista sort.

To determine who you’re writing for, develop an ideal persona in your mind; who loves your blog and is an aficionado by jotting down their interests, worries, and more.

You could analyze the people who follow you or the type of people who are interested in your niche.

  • Personalized: You know who you’re writing for, now write your post as if you are writing a personal letter to your ideal fan, solving their problems, fulfilling their curiosity, or pass their time in a fun way.

Invest In your Blog, It’s Your Business

Now that we have the content part covered, here are some things to get your content ranked and spread like wildfire.

  • Length: The top 10 content on Google’s search result usually comprises of 2,000 – 2,500 words. So if you want to rank, aim for long-form quality content. These types of content have a far higher probability to go viral since audiences prefer articles packed with valuable and in-depth information, suffused with real stories and anecdotes, stats, graphics, videos and original data.
  • Links: They are your greetings to fellow bloggers in that niche.

One link every 200-250 words would be great. Linking to other blogs, articles, and websites lends credibility to your content, you are providing additional resources to your audience to gather information from.

Moreover, other bloggers in your niche would become aware of you and if they like your content, it will get you more exposure.

Internal linking to popular past posts is a good way to generate more views, and they should be relevant to the current article, providing additional information or another aspect about a certain topic.

  • Feedback: Add a comment section at the bottom of the page where your readers can share their perspective and feedback with regards to your work. Answer any queries your readers have, and always be polite no matter what the circumstances call for; you’re here to build a relationship with your readers. One negative comment on your part can hurt your reputation. A good way to get feedback is to add a thought-provoking conclusion.

Moreover, you could ask your registered subscribers for feedback; it will make them feel valued and their opinion will help you engender a reader-centric blog.

  • Keywords: They are the key to your success. Plan your post around your keywords and phrases. Utilize tools like SEMRush to identify the amount of traffic each keyword generates, search volume, cost per click, and most important of all, the competitor’s keywords that help the rank.

You could target those same keywords and write better quality content to outrank them.

Wrapping Up

Content marketing is a skill that you can learn over time. The more you blog, the more you learn new strategies and tips that refine your content and help to spread it. These were a few strategies that can prove to be incredibly useful. However, there are hundreds of SEO strategies that cannot be encompassed in one post. Moreover, you might even end up creating a completely new strategy on your own as you grow. So keep blogging!


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