Blog word count matters when you want to promote the online business page


Offline promotion techniques will no longer make the cut if you desire to flourish in the business sectors. You must have a consistent online presence for which you need to use search engine optimization or SEO techniques. If your website fails to offer informative content to the visitors, then the page traffic will go down. It can negatively impact your sales and profit generation. So, upload regular content on the page to enhance high SERP. It can also increase the brand value of your online agency.

Importance of content word count

When you create content for your online page, you need to highlight the sale message. Writing a brief content may not shed light on this aspect. If the content is too big, your visitors may not read it. Thus, it is essential to strike a balance to ensure that your readers get the correct message. Generally, 500-word content is ideal for any online page. It not only gives relevant information but also urges the visitors to take action.

Count the length of the content

If you are not a seasoned content creator, then you may fail to accomplish the content-length balance. If you want to know the exact word count of the piece, then log in on the portal You need to paste the content in the blank space, and the tool will automatically count the number of words. It will save time and make the process hassle-free. This particular virtual tool can also count the number of sentences that the content has. Thus, you will be able to meet the standards without much toil.

Don’t Just Focus on Written Page Copy

Quality content goes beyond just written words. The best content connects thorough research and respectable writing with a user’s interest.

Even a great video should be accompanied by well-written text that explains the video, it’s concept and goals, and any other resources that may improve the content to better help the user. That’s our ultimate goal as content strategists: offer the best information, in the most appropriate format, on the right platform.

Some content is easier to digest in the written word. But other content is more suited to visual and needs imagery or video. Sometimes, audio files will be the best type of rich media.

When you use visual or audio content, be sure to accompany it with written content that can connect the dots and make sense of everything on the page, as well as help users find your content. Your content can take many forms, and it can be discovered and consumed in numerous ways.

It shouldn’t be your goal to write 2,000 words on a blog post because that seems like the “perfect length” to rank well in organic search. If you’re worried about hitting an ideal blog post length for SEO, then you’re missing the point entirely. Your goal should be to supply the best, most useful (and optimized) version of content for your target audience that matches their intent.

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