Bluehost vs Inmotion | Detailed Review

bluehost vs Inmotion

If you are looking to host a business website, you could do so by opting for either Inmotion hosting or Bluehost. Both the service providers bring some of the best hosting options and nifty extras for the users. However, we have found that Inmotion has an overall better appeal for business clients as compared to Bluehost.

We must note that both the platforms are well-established and provide excellent services to their users. Also, a cPanel is included that comes with amazing customization. This is not all, you get to manage your website on high-speed networks that don’t lag. However, what happens when both these companies are pitted against each other and compared on several parameters? Let’s see.

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Bluehost vs Inmotion | Comparison

Website loading speed

Checking the page load time is one of the easiest ways to check whether a hosting company performs well or not. We checked the page load speeds for both Bluehost and Inmotion and found the latter’s speed much better than the former. On Bluehost, a website could take as much as 3.654 seconds to load in the first view and 2.225 seconds to load in the second view. These times are almost halved with Inmotion where first view is loaded within 2.058 seconds while repeat views are loaded within 1.199 seconds.

A page load time of more than 2 seconds could easily drive your customers away. Remember, with fast internet connections, people are looking for websites that could lead in the blink of an eye. In such a situation, taking more than 3 seconds to load a page could significantly hamper your prospects and the customers will leave the website very quickly as well. It will, hence, be smarter to opt for the smaller load times of Inmotion. The only downside is a bit slow loading speed but still it takes an edge over the other service.

Customer Support

When it comes to choosing between two hosting service providers that are equally great, the customer support can make all the difference. During our tests, Bluehost customer support left us wanting for more. While you can get support via phone, live chats and ticket systems, the Bluehost team could take a lot of time in responding to your queries.

We contacted Bluehost support during morning, afternoon and night. In morning, the response time was a slow and annoying 4 mins and 17 seconds. In the afternoon, it reduced to 1 minute and 12 seconds but in night, we received support with 25 seconds.

For Inmotion, it was a completely different story. Support team was reachable withing a span of 6.4 seconds. In the afternoon, it was 10.8 seconds while in the night it was 8 seconds. We noted that Inmotion has a more consistent support timing. On the other hand, its rival could keep you waiting for ages before it replies. Such delays in support causes business websites lose out on a lot of precious traffic. Not to mention, Bluehost has gotten some very disappointing customer reviews about the delays and quality of their customer service. Inmotion fares better.

Shared hosting comparison

Both the platforms have data centers in the US and provide equally good WordPress hosting. When it comes to shared hosting, there are some striking differences between the two. Inmotion provides a shared hosting plan for $3.49 while Bluehost gives it for $2.95. There is only a difference of a few cents between the two plans but their offerings are totally different. For instance, Bluehost provides you 50 GB space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited website and cPanel hosting. Also, the other service charges no cost for them.

WordPress Hosting comparison

When it comes to WordPress hosting, no one can beat Inmotion. They are best known for their excellent shared hosting options. Their reliability and support are also excellent. Note that the price may not be low while working with this platform. However, the sheer number of features available to you make up for the extra price. Till date, not many people have been disappointed by the quality of their service.

With Inmotion, you get an all-SSD framework to start with, giving you excellent speed to build a website on. The modern hardware is ably assisted with the integrated staging and caching options which makes your website even speedier. The platform has data centers on both east and west coast, which gives you a better choice, helping make the sites speedier. Depending on your hosting requirements, you can choose from three different levels. For small time websites, the basic plan works very well. Businesses that need eCommerce support should opt for their middle or top-level offerings where you could get unlimited installs.

Other WordPress inclusions

Each hosting package you choose comes with a free domain, unlimited emails, unlimited disk space and free data backups as well. You can also get support or Perl, Python, Ruby and PHP with SSH access. You also get pre-installed NGINX server caching, a free SSL certificate, optional automatic plugins, core updates and themes. You could even host unlimited sites on just one account and get access to premium themes as well.

Bluehost also has a good WordPress offering. They have built this service on top of their VPS platform, making it fast, easy to use and very reliable as well. You also get access to ManageWP and MOJO Marketplace from here. You also get standard CDN, SiteLock security and Integrated W3 caching. You get guaranteed resources and data backups are automated as well. They are formally endorsed by WordPress team. However, with all the offerings in place, businesses are better off with Inmotion.

VPS Hosting comparison

In this department as well, Inmotion gains an edge over Bluehost. It comes with the most advanced VPS hardware and even better management software. Also, SSD drives in RAID 6 are also included. This helps your website become very secure and fast. They have a CentOS 6 Linux system which comes with a cPanel license as well. Every plan comes with Web Hosting Management software as well.

You also get the best up time guarantee in the market, which is great for small websites as well as for larger, eCommerce websites. The best thing about them is a 90-day money back guarantee that comes with 24/7 customer support.

Bluehost offers an excellent hosting plan that brings high speed as well as value for money to the customers. If your website has scaled out of shared hosting, this is the right choice for you. This type of hosting is flexible as well as secure. You can choose between two cores with 4 GB RAM or four cores with 16 GB RAM. The resources are always guaranteed and you can get redundant storage with SiteLock protection. Support is also available 24/7.

Overall, Inmotion has more features for the users, coupled with fantastic support which makes it a better option for the users.

Dedicated hosting comparison

Inmotion provides you the most secure, reliable and fastest dedicated hosting in the market, thanks to its modern software which provides you premium dedicated hosting. You get free SSDs which are best in their lass and provide root access to the users as well. It is suitable for small scale businesses as well as large scale operations which need reliable and highly customization solutions for their websites.

You could get two to four hours of SysAdmin time which helps in managing your website better and eradicate any problems as well. You also get WHM and cPanel support in every plan. They provide 99.999% up time as well, which is superb for the users. They also provide you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Bluehost, on the other hand, works on a platform built on OpenStack technology. You get at least four cores on every server, because of which hosting becomes very reliable and speedy. Their platforms are designed and maintained in house, because of which the dedicated servers always remain in top shape. 1 TB of RAID storage is also included. You can provision or upgrade any server at the click of a button. You also get 3 IP addresses for each plan and 24/7 support.


While Bluehost is one of the best platforms for hosting your website, its plans and offerings are nothing when compared to the market leader Inmotion. Though all of its plan come at a small premium to that of its rivals, they always provide you the best value for money. The good thing is that you always get premium support from their team because of which handling and managing your website becomes much easier.

If you are looking for a cheaper website hosting option, then you should go for Bluehost. It provides you cheaper hosting for small scale websites. Over the years, Bluehost could be slightly costlier. However, with Inmotion, you may a higher upfront cost which remains more or less consistent over the years. The quality of service you get here is commendable. Therefore, Inmotion is the clear winner here.

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