Bras for Your Plus-Sized Needs

Bras for Your Plus-Sized Needs

New Zealand is a country of diversity. Different proportions of the near-5 million population of the country identify with various ethnic groups. Of these proportions, 70% claim European descent, 16.5% claim Māori, 15% claim Asian, 8% claim Pacific Peoples, 1.5% claim Middle Eastern, Latin America, or African, and the rest from other ethnicities. More than 27% of the whole population was also born in other countries. With such a rainbow of ethnicities also comes a rainbow of body types. Gone are the days when you should have the figure of a stick to look good in clothes. The same goes for your delicates. Today, looking for plus-size bras, NZ has never been so easy.

Bras for Your Plus-Sized Needs

Why Plus-Size Bras are Different

Although plus-size bras function like regular ones, the ways they fulfil their purpose are different. The plus-size bras, NZ have thicker underwire, larger hooks, and broader bands and straps with proportional larger cups to fit your upper body. Designers cannot merely scale up cup and band sizes to accommodate their more voluptuous customers. Plus-sized women not only have different size and proportion requirements, but they also have different support requirements. You cannot expect the materials on a typical 34A to be strong enough to support breasts a 44F does. Extra slings or linings in the cup can provide firmer support while unique fabrics can offer better comfort. 

Why Your Bra Size Matters

The term one-size-fits-all does not easily apply to bras. Getting the correct bra size has aesthetic, functional, and health significance. The perfect bra size will not only make the rest of your clothes fit better and more flattering, but it will also promote good overall health.

Too Small 

Go for too small, and you can end up with a “uni-boob.” If you are wearing a backless dress, the extra tightness from your bra can make some of your back fat bulges. The discomfort is also evident. You can experience breast and back pain from the excess pressure the bra puts on your chest and shoulders. Aside from the precious breast tissue, you also have equally delicate lymphatic tissues that are responsible for draining toxins. If your bra is too tight, it can clog the lymphatic vessel and make you more prone to diseases, including breast cancer. These are everyday struggles plus-sized women go through. This makes finding the right plus-size bras, NZ imperative.

Too Big

In contrast, if you go for too big, then you will not get the support you need. Your straps can keep falling off, or there could be a gap between the cup and your breast. The band can also ride up on your back. This situation shifts the breast weight to your straps and can lead you with sore shoulders. Bras that are too big will also wear more quickly. Since they do not fit properly, the fabric can wrinkle and will lower your bra lifespan.

Many women have struggled with body images. Although as a society, it is becoming more progressive, women still suffer from social anxiety, low self-esteem, and discomfort of having extra curves. Such a situation can make shopping a nightmare for many. Thankfully, the plus-sized movement is in full swing in New Zealand. More women can head to their favourite clothing stores free of worry. Such fearless shopping now extends to your undergarments. As a plus-sized woman, you can now have the support and comfort you need as you scour through the plus-size bras, NZ shops offer.