Bring Your Home into the Future with These 4 Smart Home Devices


As Tony Stark strolls into his hillside mansion, his personal assistant sees him through the hallway and offers to make a coffee while briefing him on today’s news. This assistant is no human being though, it’s a computer – one we all wish we had in our homes.

Of course, we’re not all tech billionaires living in a world of superheroes and therefore can’t have an ominous AI watching our every move and suggesting how to take the next one. Luckily, it’s 2018, and with the help of a few smart home products, we can get pretty close to living our futuristic dream.

According to howtogetrid, this is made possible by the Internet of Things, a concept that defines the way everyday products such as speakers, thermostats, and alarm clocks have become smart, connected devices that do a lot more than their original purpose.

Amazon Echo

When it comes to smart home tech, there are few names more popular than Amazon’s line of Alexa-powered Echo devices. With it, you can do everything a standard personal assistant can, such as checking your schedule, writing a shopping list, playing music and searching the web, all through voice commands. Check out for some luxury condos that come furnished with such smart home devices.

The Echo is also extremely well integrated and compatible with a plethora of other devices and software, allowing you to connect and customize to your heart’s content. Which Echo device is right for you depends on your budget and preferences. The WiredShopper has a great comparison between the Dot and Tap that should help you make the right decision.

SkyBell HD

This sleek doorbell-esque security camera can be hooked up to your door and features a microphone, speaker and camera setup that allows you to hear, see and speak to whoever is on the other side. As the name would suggest, this updated version features a camera capable of capturing 1080p footage, along with color night vision.

Also included is free cloud storage for your recordings. An interesting security feature is the automatic locking of recorded footage when an event occurs. This can prove useful if something happens outside your home.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest is a staple in the smart home category and their latest Thermostat is as functional as it is beautiful. Built in Wi-Fi means you can control it from a mobile device and adjust the settings without leaving your bed. With an updated array of sensors, a furnace monitor and geofencing support, smart home thermostats don’t get any more advanced than this.

Philips Hue

You’ve probably heard of these blissful light bulbs before. Simply screw them in, hook them up to your mobile device, flip the switch and enjoy being able to change the ambience of your room to your heart’s content. They’re compatible with automated mobile apps such as IFTTT as well as Amazon’s Alexa devices, further automating the process.

Pick up a few of these devices and before you know it, you’ll be automating your daily schedule like Iron Man himself. Just don’t forget to be nice to your devices, you never know if they may take over your home. Make your home smarter and cleaner with this innovative Aicool Smart Trash Can.

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