Bring Life to Your Live Events With These 7 Creative Video Ideas.

Creative Video Ideas

Planning an event, but don’t know how to make them exciting? Well, videos are the answer. This audio and visual medium can bring the fluidity to your events and ensure there is never a dull moment.

Creative Video Ideas

Think of any significant event, like a product launch or a tech conference, the big screen is the attention driving force. A simple screen is all you need to focus your audience’s attention and keep them gripped at your event all the way.

In today’s era of innovations, making these presentations and videos is hardly a challenge. With tools like, you can create multiple videos in just a day. These online tools have made it very easy for amateurs to look like pros.

But what kind of content will help you bring life to your events? Here are a few ideas that have worked in the past and will continue to do their magic:

  1. The Welcome Video

A live show is nothing without a grand welcome. And a boring speech will not make the cut. Bring life to the start of your events with a stunning welcome video. A creative way to introduce the event and set the mood.

Use this opportunity to establish the reasons for the event, and explain the proceedings of the day. Make this video entertaining, so people pay attention and do not miss out on the event’s finer details.

These videos can be animations, a montage, or a just a well-edited video of the presenter explaining the event—a definite way to kickstart any show.

  1. A Word Of Inspiration

Live events and gatherings are epicenters of innovation and inspiration. These can make a personal difference in the guest’s life and create a lasting impact. By hosting a bland speech will only drain the crowd’s energy and reduce attention.

Make a video with the heads of the organizations or a person of importance to impart wisdom. Videos can use more than just speech; you can add visuals, statistics, images, and sound effects to create a more dramatic impact.

  1. Lighten The Mood.

Use filler spaces in the live event creatively with videos. Think of funny, interactive, and creative videos that help lighten up the mood. Playing these videos on the big screen will keep people hooked to the stage during these long events.

You can also use these videos to host games, contests, polls, surveys, and trivia. Think of video as a tool that helps you make your events more lively and engaging with minimal human-efforts. Your videos screen acts as a host for the evening, which keeps the show’s fluidity alive.

  1. The Story So Far

Many companies and gatherings use this opportunity to spark nostalgia and relive memories. If your event is a company gathering, a video about the year gone by will motivate the crew and highlight the happy moments.

This video can also allow you to share the company’s legacy and explain the company culture to new workers on the team. These videos are more comfortable to consume, thus creating a permanent visual in their minds.

The whole video can merely be a compilation of the photos from the previous year. Using an image to video tools is a perfect way to create a montage of these memories.

  1. Live Stream Events.

Live streaming is a powerful tool for the times we live. The inability to host gatherings after the pandemic of 2020 has been a real challenge for live events. Using live streams would be easier to divert many remote-groups to one single event.

Many companies also host region-specific events or live-stream the event from a single location. Live-videos are real-time and easy to access for anyone, from anywhere.

Certain establishments use live streams to showcase new products to their crew, give a tour of the new workspace, or explain behind their factory’s scenes. The options are endless.

  1. The Q&A

Thes videos can assist your events in two ways. Firstly, they can be pre-made videos that address the frequently asked questions revolving around the event. It helps people like a guidebook to the convention.

The second way is to use them as an interactive tool. Live events usually have questions and answers around with the audience, and the video screen can displace the audience’s questions. They make the session further engaging and look highly professional.

  1. Make a Grand Announcement.

If your event surrounds a celebration or the key-occasions, a talk will not make the cut. A grand announcement needs a grand gesture. And there is no better instrument than videos.

Script and carefully plan your announcement. Then shoot these ideas into an impactful video. Videos will help you raise the excitement in the room with fast-paced edits and inspirational music. This impact is precisely the reason why Apple has a larger than life screen at all their events.

These announcements usually happen at the start or the event and set the tone for the whole show. A perfectly choreographed video will remain embedded in the brains of the audience for many years to come.

Final Thoughts,

All we discussed so far was the need for good videos, but what aids this visual magic is perfect tech. Make sure you take trial-runs of these videos and the event many times before the live show.

Take time off to test the sounds, the video’s resolutions, and the lightning many times before the final event. A video helps you pre-plan your event and minimize real-time glitches’ chances, thus making them much easier to use.

If your event is a large gathering, ensure the video screen is on-and-running well before the show’s start. This will keep people’s attention to the main attraction and help establish the mood of the event.

Lastly, do not overdo the video frenzy. They are an aid to creativity, and not the highlight. Pay extra attention to the content of the video and ensure each of them seemingly complement the other videos of the event.

Deepak Rupnar
After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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