Brock Lesnar- A Forcer That No One Can Match in Combat Sports

Brock Lesnar

If anyone watches the WWE, it is not too difficult to find out their obsession with Brock Lesnar. The monstrous man with the athleticism of a cruiserweight and the crushing power of a gorilla is a force to be reckoned with. He is not your average WWE superstar with one storyline, push and then a customary passing-the-torch gimmick. The company has consistently banked on him.

So, what makes Brock Lesnar tick? What is it about him that we love to hate? Check out in this article and don’t forget to cash this offer.

Brock is exceptional

We don’t have to constantly talk about his WWE career. He has had a pretty decent career outside as well. He was one of the best amateur wrestlers in the country with a 106-5 record. Yes, that’s a 106 to 5! He was also a four-time All-American Collegiate Wrestler. The beginning of his career was solid and he soon transitioned into the beast that cannot be stopped in the WWE. He has a decent run with the wrestling promotion for some time, earning him millions of dollars and worldwide fame.

Given his big frame, his speed and athletic abilities, Lesnar was the perfect fit for NFL and he did try his hand at the game. He had last played football in college and hasn’t touched the ball for a long time. He still managed to earn playing time in two preseason games and even made it to the Minnesota Vikings as a late cut. However, things weren’t over with Lesnar yet. He wanted more and that’s when his short but illustrious stint with the UFC started.

A UFC career like no other

UFC is the largest MMA promotion in the world and isn’t really a place for people who haven’t dedicated their entire lives to becoming the best competitive MMA athletes in the world. Lesnar broke into this world with zero experience. He has no professional or even amateur experience in the ring before he entered UFC. Then he fought three fights, made his mark and went to defeat the UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture.

That’s right! It isn’t something great for a new lad in the UFC to beat the champion but for a man who is only entering the ring for the fourth time in his career, the feat is exceptional. He eventually had 8 UFC fights to his credit before he turned and moved back into the WWE. The moment when John Cena is shocked to his core seeing the ‘Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar’s music play and watch him descend to the ring is plastered into every wrestling fan’s mind.

Brock Lesnar is the favorite heel of the wrestling world- a man they love to hate but love to watch as well. He has decimated people who stood in his way and absolutely dominated his way through his new stint. Now that he has lost the Universal Championship, it is time for Lesnar to get some much-needed rest. Maybe he will come back in Royal Rumble or Summer Slam to make another huge impact.

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