6 Bugs That Annoy the Tester

6 Bugs That Annoy the Tester

Encountering bugs plays a significant role in testers’ life. This is because, their main aim is to protect the app from glitches and deliver a flawless app to the customers. Hence, it is very important for the testers to know at least some common types of bugs that can attack their app.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you the list of six bugs that can deteriorate any software.

1. Browser Compatibility

Some of the apps just perform on one browser but they are not designed in the way to work on other browsers as well.  Therefore, it is responsibility of the tester to test the app on all browsers. Nowadays, user experience and preference is focused in order to prioritize the browser during testing. These days, internet explorer and oldest safari version are least preferred by the testers.

2. Validation Fields

Another most common sort of bugs is the validation fields. This occurs while putting characters that are not acceptable in your app’s validation field. They also cross the length of maximum field. This bug is not given so much significance. However, it can cause severe damage to your app if you have wrong validation fields.

In order to overcome this issue you must put a limit on the number characters assigned to fields like telephone number, ZIP code, state, name and city.

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3. Date Control

In order to help you some of the app incorporates age restriction. As a result, date bugs arise because of the date control. In this situation, QA uses a boundary analysis for improved test coverage. In other words, testers focus on evaluating the boundaries between the screens.

If the tester is testing to ensure that date control is exact regarding a specific date. Then you need to set test cases that include proper date charts.

4. Page Layout on Different Screen Resolutions

Knowledge of the user base plays an imperative role in deciding your target market. It is your duty to look for the browser your target market is using. Testers have resolved issues that arise due to specific sort of screen resolution for different app. This cannot be explained exactly. Nevertheless, this difficulty arises when a web app is tested on a 4 inch screen.

5. Mistakes in Communication

Inability to provide a user-friendly app can cause big troubles to the company. Therefore, the accessibility of your app on screen must be kept in the mind while designing an app. The importance of the help section and homepage cannot be ignored. This assists to communicate business objectives very effectively.

6. Button Click Causing App Crash

This is one of the most common bugs encountered by the testers and it plays an important role in damaging your app. This is somewhere hidden behind the button not regularly used the customers. However, if it gets accidentally pressed by the customers, your app can be damaged very badly. These buttons are considered unnecessary by the developers and they tend to ignore them. May be, these type of buttons can be viewed in app’s profile editing mode. Therefore, they are usually ignored. They are used for adding pictures in the user profile.

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A Good Test Management Tool

Being a tester you would want to avoid all sorts of hassles and confusions and focus on important tasks. Therefore, testers tend to adopt the top test management tools. It assists to give a detailed view of the type of bugs that can be detected. It also assists bugs to be tracked and resolved in a given time period.

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