How to Build a Dating Site: A Short Guide

dating site

Love is a profitable thing.

The online dating industry is receiving a lot of growth over the following years. In fact, the global revenue has reached the $4.6 billion mark in 2016. And each year it grows at a 4.6% rate. For entrepreneurs that are trying to get ahold of the market share, now is the right time to do so.

Online dating sites have different levels of severity behind them. Some people want to flirt and have one night stands, while other sites are more serious. To respond to these demands, there is a huge assortment of online dating sites that attempt to cater to these needs, along with fitting the user’s diverse needs.

And on this guide, we’ll help you build a dating site that’s attractive and useful for your niche of users. So let’s start!

How Does Dating Sites Give Value?

Here are a few ways your dating site can provide value to your users:

  • Online dating websites provide sophisticated recommendation and search mechanisms to help users find the right partner.
  • Casual Dating Websites (i.e., Ashley Madison), where the audience consists of married users and has special features (i.e., blurry images) to help make their sites more discrete.
  • Specialized websites that work with specific groups of people that are united by a common theme (i.e., vegans), income level, disability, body type, and even religion!

Profile Creating and Registration

Unless you’re trying to make an anonymous website, the first thing your site needs is a registration screen and a profile creation section.

Your website will require the following profile features:

  • Username, previous marriage, number of children, drinking and smoking habits, height, and body type.
  • Email address, looking for, birthday, location.
  • Social Media Login. This is where your users can log in with accounts on other networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
    • Authorize and authenticate all users
    • Import Identifiable Information (helps users log in without having to re-write their information). Check out the amount of PI data you can get from other social networks.
  • Compatibility
    • Answer multiple questions for your users (i.e. What’s your favorite movie? OR How often do you exercise?) to increase the chances of them finding someone compatible to them.


Security is one of the biggest issues you’ll have to face when you build a dating site. You have to make a website that’s safe for your users to find compatible while preventing issues such as fraud. You’ve probably heard of the “sex bots” that frequent on pages that attempt to trick users into getting money. To make your business successful, you have to find a way to prevent that!

  • Creating an ignore/block list that prevents people from flirting/harassing you.
  • Verify the accounts with phone numbers and social network accounts.
  • Report fake profiles


To build a dating site, you have to think about all of the possible roadblocks and issues that can reduce your user’s experience less fun. This means, that you have to make a unique site that has good features while also making it safe for everyone that views your site. Doing this successfully will increase your revenue, reputation, and help your members find the love of their lives!



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