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From the healthcare sector to the financial sector, blockchain technology is predominantly making its presence. It was primarily introduced for the financial sector, specifically for crypto currencies but the surging demand has created its implication across the various verticals. It has been anticipated that blockchain will become a key driver for many industries and businesses will be harnessing blockchain-based technology to boost efficiency. This field is also paving the way and creating career-building opportunities. Having complete understanding and insight helps you to build a strong resume and start your career.

Introduction to the Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a creation of an intellectual who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. It was created primarily to act as a public transport ledger of digital currency called ‘Bitcoin’. It can be explained as a chain of blocks that are grouped with the use of cryptography. The blocks are equipped with information about the transactions. As the blockchain was created for cryptocurrencies, it is not limited to it. It can be used for any transactions with value. Blockchain is built on transparency and administered by the peer to peer network.

Types of blockchain networks 

  • private Blockchain
  • public Blockchain
  • Hybrid Blockchain

What is the reason for the hype around blockchain technology?

In the present scenario, where the market lacks competent individuals, the skills become the firm foundation for getting hired than the degrees and qualifications. The increasing adoption of this technology in manufacturing and healthcare has raised its value in the market as it is secured and aids transparency. This field has a strong potential and brings the opportunity for building new business models and in the years to come it is going to become the most influential technology.

Various utilization of Blockchain technology

  • Crypto currencies
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Supply chain
  • In Voting

How can you begin learning Blockchain Technology?

As the performance of blockchain, there is a surging demand for candidates with skills and experience of working on this technology. Private as well as public sectors are looking forward to employing a mechanism for enhancing efficiency. It is always providing a bright career roadmap for individuals to pursue future growth.

You can have the following career paths in the blockchain field

There are multiple options for the individual to pursue a career in this evolving and potential technology. Take a look below.

  • Blockchain Developer: You can start a career as a full-stack developer in the blockchain domain. The candidate must have server-side programming and well-versed with the analytical skills to have this job role. The job responsibilities include management of end to end systems of blockchains, set up of nodes and set up of nodes, and transactions on the blockchain system. The candidates are expected to be equipped with a deep understanding of Microsoft SQL Server, .Net, MVC, Javascript, NodeJS, SOAP, HTML, XCOD, Agile scrum, Neural-networks NAd MYSQL.
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer: The main responsibility of the blockchain quality engineer is to check the quality areas of the development process. The job role may also include manual testing and framework testing. The key responsibilities are quality assurance and scheming of blockchain projects and meeting the quality standards.
  • Blockchain Legal Consultants: To become a legal consultant, a candidate has to gain expertise information of process from development to implementation stage. Consulates have a well-informed understanding to govern the process for its success.
  • Blockchain Designer: There is a dire need of blockchain designers in companies across multiple industries. The companies hire individuals to design and create a website to showcase the service offerings of the company. UI designs, manual sketches, photoshop, and illustrator are some of the must-have skills for the job of blockchain designers. The individual is also expected to possess enhanced communication skills.
  • Blockchain Project Managers: The companies are accepting blockchain technologies with open arms. The implementation of blockchain technology and projects led by this technology are headed by the Blockchain project managers. The professionals are responsible for the success and failure of projects. The project managers are the communication medium between the technical team to explain the company’s business needs with developers and stakeholders.

Salary prospects

The salary prospects of the candidates are largely depended on the knowledge and experience in this field. The pay scale offerings range between an approx of $55,173 to $146,028 per annum. The blockchain industry is undergoing drastic growth, leading to the emergence of enhanced employment opportunities.

How to get training in blockchain?

Individuals who are looking forward to construct a career need to follow a path of getting training to get a deep insight into this domain. You may find to learn new technology, a hard task but the Blockchain training institute assists you to build a career as a certified blockchain professional. This technology is trending on a global platform and with a passionate zeal, one can learn to construct a well-established career in blockchain.

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