Building brighter Futures with Game-based learning

Building brighter Futures with Game-based learning

The world is evolving. Daily life activities are adopting digitization into the mix rapidly. Many parents feel that they should curb their children’s access to the incessantly growing technology. They fear that exposure to these devices will affect the child’s development in a negative manner. Modern-day research urges parents to part ways with this mindset. Instead, it promotes the idea of utilizing this wave of automation to their advantage.

One of the most beneficial implementations of this digitization has been observed in the field of education. Experts have developed software that operate on the principles of “Game-based Learning.” The process aims at making education an enjoyable and attractive experience. Know More about Game Based Learning so you can realize what the hype is about today!

Understanding the basics:

 Game-based learning, simply put, translates traditional syllabus into a modernized, more easily digestible version. It takes the curriculum out of the bland folds of a textbook and sculpts it in the virtual dimensions of a video game. The interactive approach is quite useful for luring children towards the subject matter. Each level is designed with a purpose, and it helps the children familiarize themselves with basic concepts as well as complex ones, without them even realizing it. The advantages are far-ranging, especially for those born into this age of technology.

Although the idea has recently been molded into a digital concept, it has been present for centuries. Games like chess, which were founded in ancient times, aim to impart strategic learning through entertainment. Today, many institutions like Lido Learning have adopted the practice. A few benefits of the method have been explained below.

Dexterity over computerized actions:

 Today’s generation experiences life through the lens. We are living in a time where computerized systems dominate all fields, regardless of the nature of the field. It is a commonplace belief that our children will need an adequate understanding of how to maneuver these systems in order to excel in whatever career they choose. It is only logical they receive this knowledge at an early age.

If the comprehension of computer skills is tied with education and learning rather than pure entertainment, it will become embedded as a mode of productivity in the child’s mind from an early age. They are less likely to waste time on the web and more likely to use it for more concrete purposes like academics.

The Facility of personalized studying:

 The reason many students do not take well in class is that they simply cannot keep up. While running a classroom, the teacher has to adopt a set pace to accommodate numerous pupils. Each of these kids has a different speed at which they pick up content and retain it. This varied mix of mindsets divides classes into three groups, those who are too far ahead, those who move at the average tempo, and those who are left behind.

The learning gaps instilled by the environment of a classroom can be quite detrimental for many students. That is where game-based learning provides an alternative that solves the problem. Game-based learning focuses on the child as an individual. There is no rush to complete a topic before a deadline. The interface progresses according to the child’s development at each level. This allows adequate time for the student to absorb an idea and comprehend its significance. It reduces the anxiety of finishing a course and helps the child survey their capacities more easily as well.

Enhanced accumulation of knowledge:

 Educational video games are designed to encourage critical thinking. Many also call for research. For instance, a handful of such games deal with historical themes. They often place users in the middle of historical events to help them understand how these situations were impacted. In order to engage with their environment, the player has to do some research.

Studies have shown that this engagement gives children a reason to explore the library for resources. Children are more likely to retain the information obtained for such an endeavor than that acquired for a regular school test. The impulse to not miss out on anything so that a mission can be completed successfully pushes the individual to be thorough and persistent. This results in a stronger ability to recall details that is of assistance in every field of life.

Learning is fun!

Game-based learning is the solution to every hurdle that stands in the way of children gaining a quality educational experience. The process stimulates critical thinking skills and improves their imagination. It has been proven extremely useful for children suffering from Attention Disorders. Especially for those who have short attention spans. It takes away the difficulties of conventional schooling and replaces them with innovative techniques that are amusing and intellectual. It truly fulfills the promise of making learning fun.

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