Businesses and new companies are not doing very well amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.


The UK has been going through the pandemic for the last six months, and businesses and companies have been struggling to make ends meet. Throughout the onset of the pandemic, most companies shut their doors to prevent it’s spread, which was mandated by the Government with a large majority of the people staying at home in isolation. Currently, most companies and businesses are struggling to get the public to spend money on their products since people are not sure about the future, and do not want to spend money unnecessarily.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently released some figures that do not paint the best picture of the state of the labour market. It appears that the UK is on course for the worst recession in three centuries.

While the unemployment rate is staying stable at 3.9% which is where it was pre-pandemic, and in the initial months of the pandemic, it seems that the best bet to check out the actual figures is by going through the number of people seeking unemployment benefits from the Government. Currently, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits is rising faster than at any point in the history of the country. Although the jobless picture is grim in the UK, it is about to get a lot worse.

Even government ministers, who are generally hard-wired to find a silver lining to the darkest of clouds, admit as much. The number of people unemployed was predicted to be at 2.9 million by the end of the year, but the country has already reached near three million. Furthermore, vacancies have plummeted with pay packets are shrinking. All this while the government is paying the wages of millions of workers through its furlough scheme. Most companies are learning to adapt to the changes and pushing for their employees to begin remote working. While this is significantly assisting with the number of people leaving their homes, coming to the office, and staying safe, it is not something that they can adapt to easily across industries.

There are some industries like hospitality, mechanical work, or construction that cannot remote work. While there are tasks that can figure remotely, the bulk of the work has to be taken care of in person. Unfortunately, 137,000 jobs were lost in hotels and hospitality industries between April and June, but the impact was offset by an increase in public sector jobs, particularly in public administration.

It is now almost mandatory for most companies to begin handling background checks on the people handling the jobs. Depending on the job description, some companies have to make sure the people they are hiring do not have a criminal record. They can do this through the DBS check and get this information on prospective hires as well. There are other tests that they can handle, but those might change depending on the circumstance and the type of information that they need on their staff. To make this process easier, employers can handle the CRB check online, which is faster and convenient.

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