Car Gadgets that Will Improve Your Driving

Car Gadgets

Driving can be fun and exciting, despite it being tiresome—especially if you are behind the wheel for many hours a day. Technology has played a critical role in revolutionizing driving through safety equipment and features, tracking devices, and entertainment systems. Also, fleet owners and managers can keep track of their vehicles and driver behavior, as well as maintain constant communication with the drivers thanks to technologies such as eLog from EyeRide. This particular technology allows drivers and the fleet management team to monitor and manage records relating to work. Drivers also receive alerts so as not to violate working hours, and they can send vehicle inspection reports.

Below are some gadgets that can transform your whole driving experience:

Dashcam /Car DVR system

The dashcam is a great accessory that enhances your safety all around due to the front-facing camera, which captures crucial evidence in the event of an accident. Also, you can use it to record a great trip that you can then share with others. The modern DVR kits are equipped with both front-facing and rear-facing cameras. They can capture the events all around your car thanks to their 1080p resolution coupled with wide viewing angles. Furthermore, the gadget comes in handy when reverse parking for those who have difficulty with it. The best thing about these dashcams is that nowadays they are available at affordable prices and have some additional great features.

Universal Car DVD Player

A universal car DVD player gives your ride a luxurious feel as well as entertains your passengers. The android gadget offers tons of entertainment options in your car, making the passengers savor each second they are on board. The options available from the universal DVD player include watching movies, playing games, and surfing the web—all from the dashboard. In addition, a majority of the media players also include a built-in GPS navigation system.

Smartphone mount

Although the smartphone mount is a simple gadget, it is vital if you use your phone to navigate. With this accessory, you not only enjoy a high level of efficiency, but it also remarkably enhances your safety as you drive. You do not get distracted from driving as you use your phone’s GPS feature or answer calls. The beauty of this gadget is that it can hold various sizes of smartphones because it uses superior suction and does not become easily damaged.

Real-time car GPS tracker

The contemporary car GPS tracker is easily paired with a smartphone through the Internet. It is convenient due to its easy installation. You will always be updated on the whereabouts of your vehicle when the GPS tracker is operating. The gadget can also trace lost or stolen automobiles as well as help parents to monitor the location of their teenagers who are out with their car. The real-time vehicle GPS tracker may also serve to follow up cargo in transit and ensure it gets to its final destination at the agreed time.

Blue tooth car transmitter

This device enables you to connect your car FM radio to your smartphone. You get to enjoy awesome audio from your phone using your automobile’s stereo. It is truly one great way to simplify your music streaming while driving. Aside from that, these bluetooth transmitters or receivers will definitely add safety to your driving experience. Additionally, the transmitter gives you the privilege to take or turn down incoming calls with just the touch of a button.

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