Car Park and Display Machines


A pay and display machines or Car Park and Display Machines are types of ticket machine used for regulating parking in urban areas or car parks. These machines make the parking more convenient to use while generating income.

Car Park and Display Machines are now mostly used in many countries because they offer a huge amount of flexibility for parking operators.

Pay and Display Machines Function

In the modern world, people don’t have time to stay in queues and wait for their number and do their work. Now a day’s people try to work in seconds and want their work to be done in seconds. Pay and Display machines do the same work. They can be used in many ways according to their functions.

Now a day’s handling transactions is an important function of any pay and display machine. As the name implies, taking payment is crucial. These days this means that being able to handle a variety of payment types.

Payment Options

Car Park and Display Machines use different types of payment methods according to their functions.


Some machines accept coins. And some machines accept 15 different coins of any currency. This function allows for introducing new coins.

Banknote Reader

Some machines accept from 16 currency notes up

to 64 different international banknotes.

Voucher Scanning

Accept smart card for a range of different schemes and offers.

Screen Options

Mono Screen

These types of screens are offered as standard and are a low powered option.

Touch Screen

Some companies are now introducing new User-Friendly touch screen interface in their machines.

Colour Screen

This is the new version of Mono Screen improved with a colour screen.

Power Options


These machines use Solar Power to run. This provides the customer with outstanding autonomous operation.

Mains Electricity

This machine uses the electricity to run and benefits the internal heater as standard and a variety of add-on features


These types of machines use both solar and mains to power their systems.


  • Cost-effective to implement.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • A great way of generating revenue from prime locations.
  • Always reliable.
  • Easily understood by the public and very user-friendly.
  • Work 24/7 helping you to reduce man-hours


The first and primary use of Car Park and Display Machine is to print a ticket and hand over to the user. The time and price have been printed on the ticket and customer know how much time they have and how much they have to pay for it.

This allows some buildings to prevent over-staying and free space for someone else. It is very useful in places like hospitals, banks, shopping centers, etc.

Some buildings have mixed car parks. Car Park and Display Machines solves these types of problems also. Like some companies give code to their employees for free service and at the same time, some cars have to pay for their space and time.

Another advantage of Car Park and Display Machine is no man/staff is needed to control the parking. But at some point, few men are needed to guide the customer when they don’t know which ticket is to be made.

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