CBD oil: Manufacture, uses, and derivatives


This article deals specifically with CBD oil, one of the many products derived from the cannabidiol molecule, a cannabinoid found in abundance in cannabis and mainly known for its relaxing and non-psychoactive effect. We will not deal here with the molecule itself, its properties, and its functioning on our body. If you want to know more about it, I invite you to read our guide on cannabidiol.

What is CBD oil?

One drawback of using CBD oil is that there are no regulations in place to ensure you get what you pay for. That’s why you need to choose only quality, recognized suppliers that offer the best CBD oils, and other CBD products.

Some of the best European providers allow you to get the best CBD oils and other CBD products. It is now safe and easy to buy legal CBD flowers on as you will be on the pages of a recognized European company, with excellent CBD products, controlled by various organizations. The labels on CBD products are clear, and the information on the site and their customer service are excellent.

CBD oil is made from cannabis plants with high CBD content and low THC content. The concentration of the CBD oil, therefore, varies according to the plant used for its manufacture: the more the plant is concentrated in CBD, the higher the oil will have a high CBD content.

Some varieties of herbs, especially Indica, one of two large cannabis families with Sativa, are naturally loaded with CBD. Others are created synthetically to have a high level of this cannabinoid, in the same way, that one creates varieties with a high concentration of THC.

Where to get CBD oil?

It is essential to distinguish between the pure oil extracted from the plant and what is commonly called CBD oil or CBD oil as a commercial product, often in the form of a few milliliters (dyes).

The use, marketing of flowers or leaves of marijuana containing THC, or products obtained from these parts of the plant, are not allowed, whatever the variety!

  • The seeds and fibers obtained from these types of plants are the only usable parts (not to penalize the hemp industry as a whole). Any use of cannabis flowers is strictly prohibited.
  • The THC content of seeds and other fibers used in the manufacturing process must be less than 0.2%.

We, therefore, recommend that our readers exercise caution if you are based in France. The suppliers we recommend on our site do not offer flowers and comply with the current French legislative framework.

How to extract CBD oil?

The extraction of CBD oil is done according to 3 main methods:

#1 Extraction by liquid chemical solvents

A simple process, inexpensive but has many disadvantages. In the first place, the oil obtained is not pure since it generally contains solvent residues, potentially dangerous for health.

Ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, or butane are among the most frequently used solvents for this type of extraction. The method is straightforward, just let the whole plants soak in the liquid that will chemically separate the cannabinoids from the plant material. The liquid is then heated to evaporate and leave behind only cannabinoids, terpenes, and other substances with various effects. Ethanol, for example, extracts all cannabinoids and terpenes, but also chlorophyll, which can cause some unpleasant side effects. Butane produces a stronger oil than ethanol but leaves residues that are not without risk to health.

The oil obtained by solvent extraction, particularly with some suitable quality alcohols, is often used in the manufacture of e-liquid cartridges and CBD dyes.

CO2 extraction

This more complex method makes CBD oil much cleaner, cleaner, and healthier than using alcohol or other liquid solvents. The process is also significantly more expensive since it requires the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment: a closed-circuit extractor. This supercritical or subcritical carbon dioxide extraction system uses a series of chambers to control the temperature and pressure that will separate cannabinoids from CO2. When the separation is carried out, these are collected in these different rooms. This technique makes it possible to isolate certain cannabinoids to create a concentrated product in a specific molecule, in our case CBD.

The product of CO2 extraction is commonly referred to as “pure oil” ( raw oil in English), not to be confused with “organic oil” or “organic oil,” made from vegetable oil.

#3 Vegetable oil extraction

The extraction of CBD oil from vegetable oil is the most natural and safest method for health. Olive oil or sesame oil is very effective in extracting cannabinoids. The cannabidiol oils resulting from these processes are often used in the manufacture of creams and ointments but can also be ingested. The shelf life of these oils is usually quite short, so they should be consumed quickly.

Bottles of CBD oil

CBD oil can take many forms as a finished product to consume. One of the most common is in a container equipped with a dropper. The liquid is most often administered orally, with a few drops poured under the tongue. This method makes it possible to obtain the effects of CBD almost instantaneously.

CBD oil capsules

If you do not want to use drops, the capsule is another way to consume CBD oil. These capsules are thus presented as food supplements that are ingested. The effect is slower and stronger, which is why they are usually used by people suffering from chronic pain.

The CBD e-liquid

The CBD e-liquid is also often mistaken for CBD oil. In short, the cannabidiol liquids are made from CBD oil, to which are added the classic substances that can create any liquid: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Where to get CBD oil?

Depending on where you live, you will have access to a range of different products. This section will be regularly updated because we are currently developing and testing many products to offer our selection with test and support!

In Europe, the best companies selling CBD in the form of oil are mainly in the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, and Austria. But things are changing with the emergence of local players, online resources devoted to CBD and everything surrounding its industry (you can even get a coupon code here from CBD Insider), and a plethora of websites selling high-quality products online.

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