Celebrity Influencer Marketing: How Brands Win With The Celebrities On Instagram

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There is a lot of non-traditional medicine that has been used to treat the flu. It’s known that when we feel sick it’s good to drink hot tea with honey and lemon. We use this recipe because our moms told us that it works and they keep doing it because their parents did that also. This is a type of word of mouth tradition that passes on from generation to generation.

Celebrity Influence – An influence of a famous person, with a highly recognized name/brands in a particular industry, is considered as credible for a particular target audience. 

A lot of brands are winning their social media game due to celebrity endorsement especially on Instagram which is all about traditional celebrities and influencers. If you are also a brand and want to give an extra push to your brands but have no huge budget for celebrity endorsement, don’t fret, the safest option is to buy Instagram followers in order to increase your exposure.

How does it work?

Many companies use celebrity endorsement to promote new products to gain customer’s attention & trust on Instagram. Fans are watching their celebrity lifestyle and want to look like their idol when other people want to experience the celebrity’s lifestyle also. People buy the endorsed products based on emotion. Thus, companies are using celebrity appeal to drive sales and enlarge market share.


  • Increases consumer memory and recognition of the ad. 
  • Provides customers a feel of a celebrity’s lifestyle experience. Visa used Jackie Chan to endorse credit cards, which leads consumers to believe that visa provides safety for their banking accounts.
  • Attract a new target audience. People who are fans of a celebrity will pay attention to the products they might use.


Risk of “Shadowing” the brand name. The idea of using a celebrity is to use a person’s brand name and reputation and make their brand associated with your brand. The company wants to provide its customers with an exceptional experience of the celebrity’s life. There are a lot of cases when celebrities advertise not one or two brands in one industry, so consumers perceive a celebrity as a person who wants to make money, thus “Celebrity appeal” strategy doesn’t work. For example, David Beckham endorsed Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Breiling, H&M, etc. 

  • Risk of spoiled reputation. Celebrities make public relations or personal life mistakes, which adversely affects the brands they endorse. 
  • Companies should see celebrity influence as a long-term strategy as recognition of a celebrity’s name will associate with a company’s Brand.
  • It must be clearly identified as the celebrity’s reputation and match a company’s Brand.

Examples of celebrities influence:

#1. Michael Phelps and Kellogg

Michael Phelps was a face of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes representing a healthy lifestyle. However, After Michael was caught on camera inhaling marijuana from a pipe, Kellogg’s reputation went down from ninth to eighty-third position (Vanno monitors).

#2. Evian and Spiderman

Good choice of celebrity endorsement. Superhero – Spiderman, represents the Evian water brand. This is a positive hero who saves many lives including the world. However, the most valuable reason that Spider-Man won’t be able to change his reputation. This campaign brought 135 million total views across all video platforms online.

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