Challenge Your Knowledge Buds with This New Trivia App – QuizPursuit

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QuizPursuit is a stimulating FREE quiz/trivia app that is designed to provide enriching entertainment. It allows users to enhance their knowledge and intellect in a fun way.

With unlimited questions, topics, and subjects to choose from, QuizPursuit has something for everyone. You can play this stimulating game on any topic, anytime, and from anywhere (do you think any device/platform is a better choice?).

The best thing is, QuizPursuit is FREE forever. You can choose from thousands of topics and attempt tens of millions of questions. At present, the app has over 75 million unique combinations of questions and that continue to grow at ~ 5% per month. Once you answer a question correctly, it will never repeat.

Multiple play options allow you to play at your own pace or challenge and compete with others. Three play options are available at the moment. However, they plan to introduce more play options and optimize the app for 25-27 languages.

While there are a number of trivia apps available in the app stores, here’s what makes QuizPursuit stand out from the rest:

  • Over 75 million unique combinations of questions
  • Once answered correctly, the question never repeats
  • 1000s of topics to choose from
  • Absolutely no wait time
  • Daily sign-in bonus
  • Bonus points for answering fast
  • Questions are verified and validated by subject matter experts
  • Unlimited level-based play model
  • Multiple play options

That’s just a little sneak peek at the app. You can find and explore the QuizPursuit application on Google Play and iTunes. Are you ready to challenge your knowledge buds?

For more information, you can always reach out to Kumar at +916-337-0914 or

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