Cheapest Way to Heat a Home Without Electricity


Facing the winter season unprepared is a nightmare. With global warming, not only it brings hotter summers, but colder winters as well. Of course, with today’s technology, you can use different ways to heat your home. Unfortunately, using traditional methods is expensive. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll be paying for your utility bills.

For these reasons, you may want to consider having an alternate method of warming your home without electricity. The truth is, these methods can not only be economical but may also save your life. Imagine getting the blackout during the winter. That’s a real nightmare.

To help you get through the winter, here are some cheap ways to heat your home without using electricity.

Insulate Your Home – 

Before getting yourself some expensive heating appliances like a radiator and even a radiator cover to embellish it, or before paying high utility and heating bills, consider insulating your home first. There may be areas in our homes where heat escapes. For instance, you may have seemingly perfect windows and doors. But if you inspect them thoroughly, you might see some cracks or leaks. For this, you may want to re-caulk your windows and doors. 

Another excellent way to insulate your home is through the use of rugs and carpets, especially on wooden floors. According to some studies, wooden flooring contributes to heat loss. To make up for this, you can use carpets and rugs, which are excellent insulators. Make sure to get wool or nylon, which are known to be the best materials when it comes to insulation.

Use the Sun

Another cheap way to heat your home is by using the limitless energy of the sun. Even in the cold winter season, the sun still produces heat. If you have south-facing windows, make sure to open them to let the heat enter the rooms. Together with excellent insulation, the warmth can last up to the whole day. Insulating curtains works very well. Of course, you will need to close the windows and the curtains once cold air starts to breeze in. 

Another way to harness the sun is through using solar heating. With this technology, you can gather sunlight which converts it into heat. It is then stored until you need them on cold nights. While this is not relatively cheap at first, it still is very worth it. Think of it as a good investment for a potentially limitless supply of heating. 

Light Some Candles

If you’re looking for cheap ways to heat your home, you may want to try candles. Of course, a single candle will not help you get warm. You need to get a few. You’ll also need to look for slow-burning candles for maximum value. It’s also not a good idea if you have kids or pets running around. 

Regardless of the disadvantages, candles can be a quick and easy way to warm your home. It’s quite handy, especially when there’s a blackout. So even if you’re not planning to use it as a secondary way of heating your home, it’s still worth having a few candles ready. Of course, there are many ways to use candles safely. One way is by buying candle lanterns. Not only they provide safety, but they also look stylish. 

If you want something hotter, you can use traditional lanterns instead that run on oil or kerosene. There are also state-of-the-art led lanterns that can produce the same heat as the original one. 

Kerosene and Propane Heaters 

Another alternative to using electricity is by using heaters. You can either use kerosene or propane-powered heaters. There are also portable ones that you can get from your local hardware stores. Propane heaters are generally safer since there is little risk of smoke and carbon emission. 

On the other hand, kerosene heaters are cheaper than propane. While not as dangerous as gas stoves when it comes to carbon monoxide emission, you still need to be careful. For your safety, do not use them in sealed rooms, as they use up oxygen.

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