How to Cheat and Make Unlimited Lollipop game Points Android?

lollipops game

Lollipop game: Google has been using exciting easter eggs in your operating system since the Android Gingerbread. In the current version, the Android Lollipop, there was an idea for the addicting Flappy Bird game, whereby the user was responsible for a bird who had to escape various pipes while accumulating points.

The search giant turned a gorgeous bird’s robot green in this modification, and instead of pipes inserted Lollipops. However, you still find that Google’s version is as challenging as the original game, even if you practise hard? Don’t worry. In this game, we’re going to provide a straightforward technique to “cheat.”

How to cheat and make unlimited points Android Lollipop game?

lollipop game

Step 1. Enabling Developer Mode on your device is the first step. Save this step when this option is already activated. Alternatively, go to the “From the phone” menu and touch the “Version Number” option many times.

Step 2. Now you must explore “Settings” and “Advanced Settings” through the active development mode.

Step 3. The option “Developer options” must now be chosen

Step 4. Look now for “Duration Scale Animator.”

Step 5. It’s set to “Animation scale 1x” by default. To enable the ‘cheat,’ change its value to 10x.

Step 6. Now, start playing Lollipop – pick the “Android Version” in the “About Phone” numerous times to witness the magic.

The game will display as lollipops with idle animations, which are your significant difficulties. It is simple to accomplish many without too much anxiety and only with minor clues on the screen with this small method.


Some of the lollipops can still beat to lose the game. Anyway, it will be possible to smash the record with a bit of care, and your friends will call you the “Lollipop master.” I hope that the post will please you. Share yourself with others! Don’t forget to say your scores to us.

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