Choose the right Magento Development Company that suits your Business

Choose the right Magento Development Company that suits your Business

As eCommerce continues dominating the online space, Magento has come up with numerous enhanced features. Let your eCommerce business flourish by hiring an efficient and highly-skilled Magento development company. Today, there are many service providers that could help establish your online presence.

Moreover, these professionals provide services to make your site all set for the long run. Evolving continuously on a daily basis, Magento continues to boost its performance to stay at par with the industry standards. With years of eCommerce software development expertise, Magento could help small and medium business organizations to boost their sales considerably, whatever the company scale or domain may be.

With the ever-growing popularity and preference for the platform, Magento development services continue to rise, making it a very profitable venture for many developers all over the world. Choosing a company or a freelance developer for your eCommerce business is a critical moment. With practically thousands of small and big service providers, as well as individual developers involved in consulting and development, choosing the right one could be overwhelming.

The cloud eCommerce platform of Magento provide access to an array of solutions, technologies, tech partners, and a sturdy, worldwide developer space to support business requirements. This provides freedom to choose the most compatible resources with your brand. Whatever business you are in, there are so many solutions available for you.

Partnering with a Magento development company could help you find the ideal brand solutions, to ensure that the website, from the start is built for success. Moreover, partnering with one or more experts could help manifest a successful and engaging online presence.

Web Developer Categories

The Magento platform breaks into three main categories the web developer options, thus a brand could choose which is the best match, based on the size and the kind of business you have.

  1. Solution Partners. These are consulting firms trusted by the platform to help brands build lasting and positive customer impressions. These partners serve the needs of the entire customer base, which spans from business to business and business to customer, building exceptional experiences for consumers and business buyers alike. The global network partners work with brands of any size to boost digital platforms’ quality.

Having a solution partner to work with could yield many significant benefits to your brand as competition these days is tough and much difficult to keep up. These partners create leading B2B and B2C digital experiences for an array of brands that are recognized all over the world, from small, medium, to the biggest Fortune 100 organizations. The partners could integrate third-party apps seamlessly into the site to meet all brand requirements, while enhancing the flexibility in its operations.

  1. Business solution partner. This focuses on working companies that recently built their site on Magento or have an existing Magento websites. Merchants are motivated to work with a solution partner due to the certification and training requirements they held. Currently, the Magento site has a list of 24 companies that fall in the category of Business Solution Partner.

They all can be filtered by industry specialization, region, or location. One particular filter allows viewing the number of members of a specific organization that have Magento 2 certifications with firms listed, based on how many certified Magento 2 staff members are there. Regardless of the placement of the listing, each agency must have four members at minimum, with a certification in Magento 2.

To ensure project integrity, every partner organization has been thoroughly assessed by Magento. Information regarding the enterprise, products and services, previous customers, and present certifications are all available for review on the Magento Partner page.

  1. Pro solution partners. The next available tier to organizations is the pro or professional solution partners. It includes those with established practices in eCommerce with dedicated experts of Magento.

The platform currently is working with 41 professionals that are all updated on the latest updates to make certain that the website runs at its peak. Expect to work with partners in this professional service level to offer specialized products that are specific to a brand’s particular industry.

  1. Enterprise solution partners, which represent the next tier of solution partners available. The tier includes consulting firms that are extremely experienced, offering full web development as well as have proven their eCommerce proficiency consistently on Magento.

The platform presently has 39 partners who qualify for this tier, such as web developers across an array of industry and product specializations. The web development firms employ members of the team who are certified via several credential programs of Magento.

  1. Elite solution partners. Composed of professionals who are highly experienced in web development. The elite partners are full system consultancies, agencies or system integrators who have demonstrated excellence in the digital commerce industry.

The aptitudes cover UX/CX design through the management of complex programs, as well as a 24/7 strong support offerings, as well as a design managed service. Currently, the elite partner tier includes 8 companies, servicing merchants all over the world.

All solution partners’ tiers offer superior care from web developers who are highly qualified. However, these tiers are not the only options. There are also a couple of web developer categories accessible to companies on Magento.

Certified Community Insiders

These are certified web developers of the Magento platform who could work with your brand on building and maintaining your Magento eCommerce website.  To start a formal Magento relationship, the Insider Program offers an entry, but a step lower than being and official partners. The web developers and small businesses as well should at least have one certified developer of Magento on their staff who have previously worked with the shopping platform.

Insiders get full Magento access and an array of information and tools, which make them useful for companies that are on the lookout to develop and to grow a successful eCommerce website. Tech partners and Community Insiders remain viable options when it comes to choosing the provider that best fits the need of your brand.

Tips to Choose the right Magento developer that fits Business Requirements

  1. Coordinate with a Magento certified solutions partner. The best way for any brand to find a suitable Magento development service providers is to find out how many certifications they have. The platform performs an official partnership program as well as a certification system where agencies and developers could subscribe.
  2. In order to qualify for this club, a Magento solutions company should work on several projects and have certified developers on the team. The developers must undergo a test to be updated every year. Certified solutions providers are always the best fit for your brand.
  3. Technologies used in Development. Magento service providers should be updated with the latest trends. They must have access to support forums and channels so they won’t be stuck while resolving client concerns. For startups, or those who must renew their Magento store, consider a solution partner with experience with the latest technology, which could provide flawless support with efficient monitoring and smooth transition.

Choosing a Magento developer that respects ethics and apply the best practices would enable your brand to reap maximum benefits.

  1. Magento developer experience. With the Magento platform, experience matters a great deal. Thus, determining how long the service provider has spent in the development and maintenance of Magento-based stores is paramount. Ask your prospective service provider about the projects they have created or accomplished.

Moreover, it’s a great idea to find out if they are Magento-certified. Also, it’s important to bear in mind the size of the solution service provider. Take into account the number of developers they have to meet customer requirements. A Magento development company with only one or two developers won’t be the best fit for your eCommerce brand.

  1. Data Security and Integrity. Believing in a company you never met before is daunting. Protecting data shared after outsourcing is more complicated than protecting it during the in-house development process. Preventing someone from stealing your data could be hard. There are however several steps to take in order to protect your data and boost the Magento website security.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement. A legal document that both the customer and developer should sign, acknowledging that the project and its data must never be disclosed to third parties without permission.
  • Keeping confidentiality. Data should only be shared with one responsible individual. Never expose your secret weapons to others.
  • Transmitting code. A technology or code’s intellectual property should be transferred to you. This is critical since not all organizations mention this in their contracts. Keep in mind that a real Magento service provider would stay with you always and would make the process entirely transparent.
  1. Testimonials and Reviews. Finding out what other customers have to say about the development company you are planning to partner with is vital. Check out customer reviews and testimonials of the provider. Moreover, read user comments, reviews and testimonials to find answers to your queries.

The experiences from previous clients would give you an idea of how the providers proceeds and deals with your project.

  1. Transparent Pricing. Before you decide on a developer, make sure to review the pricing plan they offer. Have a breakdown of the cost and time of the scheduled tasks. It would help to have a clear understanding and picture of the business goals with fair and transparent prices.

Additionally, you have to be clear on additional work charges, like adding a unique design or custom features to make your brand stand out from the rest. A good development company would provide you the right pricing policy to avoid confusion and misunderstanding in the future.

The Go-to-Formula to Success—Magento

  1. Open source platform. Magento eCommerce is the number one choice for developers because of its being open source. This means anyone who opt for Magento could use it to the brand’s advantage. Furthermore, the Community Edition is thoroughly free, with any Magento version you could install seamlessly.
  2. Born to be the platform for eCommerce. A body is to a soul, while Magento is to eCommerce. Magento is the default content management system for all online brands, making eCommerce and the platform a match made in heaven. Magento plus eCommerce spells success.

The fact that Magento is developed specifically for eCommerce websites make it the very reason why it is the favorite of online sites. The platform is similar to an umbrella that covers all functions and aspects of a successful and powerful web shop. The CMS is perfect for web stores offering complete eCommerce solutions, with extensive designs and features.

  1. Development Community. The selfless devotion of the development community is one of the major reasons why it enjoys a strong position among its competitors. This great community is comprised of dedicated programmers, developers, project managers, bloggers, CEOs, managers, and others worldwide, who help and work with the community every day.
  2. Higher-level support. The support operations, for any business are critical of its growth. Online or traditional, support plays an important role in the success and growth of a brand. Thus, when it comes to Magento, the tech support team holds significant relevance.

It only keeps on getting valuable additions as an eCommerce platform in terms of support, stability and security all year round. The active development community helps enhance the platform for a better user experience, bringing the best standards.

  1. Top performance. When it comes to time in page loading, processing query time and other static or dynamic operations, Magento once again comes out the winner. It ensures top-notch website performance while using minimal resources.
  2. Flexibility. We love authority, and Magento for eCommerce provides developers just that. Developers enjoy entire control over all functionalities of the eCommerce site. Keep in mind that developers could develop a stunning and unique user experience as well as front-end based on several device access.

Furthermore, Magento offers a chance of customizing the Magento web store back-end to meet specific needs. You could also take control of processing capabilities and control of interfaces of the core eCommerce site solutions with Magento.

  1. Mobile experience. The online world is dominated by mobile. For your online brand to be successful, you have to focus your efforts in catering to buyers who are mobile-savvy. Thus, Magento is compatible with smartphones and devices.

It supports HTML to maximize the mobile shopping experience and also it has the ability of adjusting the size of an image and video support. The built-in drag and drop feature offers a mobile shopping experience that’s exceptional.

  1. SEO-friendly. Magento as an SEO-friendly platform is a given. It’s packed with features such as an SEO-friendly URL structure, sitemaps, URL rewrites, tags, positioning layers, descriptions and more which help your site rank higher in the search engines, as well as help buyers find your online brand easily.
  2. Integration Ease. Magento enables quick integration with a big number of third-party services, like database apps, transportation, payment gateways, shipping, order tracking and so on. Furthermore, the platform has in-built Google tools, such as Google Checkout, Google Base, and Google Analytics to help track the performance of the website while keeping an eye on the latest Magento trends.
  3. Multitasking. The platform loves multitasking, and the great thing about it is that it enables you to perform several tasks at the same time, letting you simultaneously work on other critical tasks while keeping tabs of the performance of your website.

Developers and merchants could manage all items, customer information, and billing with just one user-friendly admin panel that Magento offers.

Magento for Developers and Merchants

The Magento shopping cart platform gets plenty of attention from developers and merchants in terms of advanced eCommerce platforms. Developers love the platform due to its flexibility, which enables them to do almost anything, based on the customer needs and requirements.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs love it because of its numerous features and functionalities that the platform provides out of the box. The platform has a lot more to offer, which means only success for your online brand. When choosing a Magento solution partner to build your online brand, the things mentioned above should always be in your mind.

To get your online shop up and running, you should have a user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and responsive website. There is no need for you in general to look further than the development community of Magento to gain support and resources to make the most of your business site. Whatever your business may be, whether it’s small or big, the shopping platform could offer you a workable solution for your web development requirements.

To Sum Up

Regardless of having an existing eCommerce shop, or still planning to build one, remember to always choose the platform that bests fits not just your budget, but also your preferences. Magento could be your top choice since the web development is lesser compared to other shopping cart platforms that are available these days. The platform furthermore offers a lot of amazing features at lesser costs. The enterprise edition offers an array of features, including return management authorization, targeted offers, enhanced management of catalog, price and promotions, and customizable CMS among others.

For an established brand, focus on the enterprise edition of the platform. If your business is already established, your focus should be on the enterprise edition of Magento. Moreover, you could also hire the services of a Magento developer or development company to build a scalable internet store with your chosen functionalities and features.

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