Clearly define your mission and set the objectives


Sometimes, teams cannot fulfill their mission simply because their members are not clear about the reason why the team was created, its objectives and the expected results of it. Who must take over the management of the team and want to organize the work well must be very clear where it is going, what means it has and what it needs to reach its goal. Undoubtedly, a good leader must have the ability to get from senior management all the resources and support necessary for the team to fulfill its mission.

The strategic plans of the company must be announced in well-planned meetings and e-rostering system with the appropriate methodology that explains the reasons, objectives, responsibilities and the expected consequences that will improve the results and the positioning of the organization. On the other hand, it is essential that team members know where they are going, what is expected of them and how the team and each one contribute to the achievement of the objectives set and the company’s strategy.

Excess hierarchy does not work

Hierarchies work if people work, if others understand that you are above because they respect your skills or your merits. The excess of hierarchies creates heavy structures and sometimes causes demotivation among people who are not part of those structures. In this regard, it is also important to delegate and the power to make decisions. The leader must know how to delegate assuming all kinds of consequences. And, in turn, the team members must know how to accept the delegation of the leader, assuming it as part of their professional development and as a necessary previous step for their growth as a responsible future of the business area.

Be demanding and practice by example

People need an environment of demand, quality, commitment and involvement. This requirement must be inductive, encourage it by example, since no one will be self-demanding if the leader is not. The leader with that attitude demonstrates that he believes in the project, that with his personal sacrifice he states that he is committed to the project, however, the manager who seriously proclaims “we must conclude this urgently”, and immediately slips away, produces hilarity and does not motivate, and will only achieve its objectives to the extent that its control is exhaustive.

Wake up in your team the illusion for the project

It is important that all members of your team are proud to belong to it. That is why it is important to know people, to know that they have positive relationships between them and that each one plays a role, and that it is also clear, as well as to recognize efforts and communicate errors when they occur. The team must be composed of happy, satisfied people, and who are clear that they are in a good place. When this maxim changes, it is because their priorities change. Each individual is different and their professional evolution deserves to be analyzed differently. The same strategy is not possible for everyone since, depending on the competences and individual development, the future responsibilities of each group member are forged.

Use your emotional intelligence

To be a leader it is essential to transmit value to people who project directly or indirectly in you. To create resonance in people you have to have a series of values ​​that must be inherent to the leader: skills and competencies to manage projects, and empathy to know how to manage people. The result will be our personal and professional credibility.

Learning to manage fear of failure and rejection is also a function of the leader. Since fear what it does is paralyze productivity so the leader must be aware and convey confidence through communication.

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