Complete Guide to Marijuana Pills


The old-fashioned way of consuming cannabis is by smoking the marijuana leaves or CBD hemp flower, either via a bong or a joint. It’s been a long-standing method thanks to its simplicity, and it doesn’t take long for the cannabinoids to get into your system and take effect. However, there are a few drawbacks because, while it’s not tobacco, it’s still the same type of smoking, putting you at risk of lung-related diseases, including cancer and bronchitis.

But now there’s a great alternative: marijuana pills – these have all of the advantages of marijuana, without the smoking downsides. What’s more, you can tell exactly what you’re getting with cannabis pills, so you’ll be able to determine your dose much more easily.

Weed pills are unsurprisingly popular with people who have had a history of respiratory problems, or were heavy smokers in the past and did not want to do their lungs any more damage. Or even people who haven’t smoked but are just protective of their health. Cannabis pills are also more suitable for vulnerable people, such as children and pregnant women.

Let’s cover some ground on cannabis pills, and show you why they’re the best way for the body to receive its hit of THC and CBD.

Why Take Cannabis Capsules Instead of Smoking Marijuana?

You already know that smoking can be harmful to health. Still, there are many more magnificent benefits offered in THC pills and CBDistillery capsules that you simply cannot get by smoking marijuana.

First off, pills give you much more control about how much CBD and THC are going into your system, as the dosage will be clarified on the packet. There may be a little variation, but on the whole, you’re going to be much more in the know when taking weed pills than you are by simply smoking it.

If you’ve smoked marijuana, you’ll know that the pungent smell can cause a nuisance, especially if you need to use it out of the house. Thankfully, there’s no odor with pills, so you can take them just about anywhere!

Smoking doesn’t just affect you, but it affects others around you and your possessions. If you smoke in the house, a horrible yellowy stench will form over time and be a nightmare to get rid of. Why would you want to live like that when there’s such a good alternative?

Understandably, children should never be smoking weed as their lungs would be even less prepared to deal with the impacts than an adult’s. THC capsules, therefore, offer a solution for a child to get this alternative medicine without them suffering any consequences.

Medical cannabis is still effective, even if you smoke it, but it can do more harm than good for some people. For example, if you’re an asthma sufferer or have other breathing issues, by smoking temperance CBD cigarettes, you’re solving one problem yet creating another.

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