Computer Science and Information Technology: The Two Wings of Technology

Computer Science

The world today runs on technology. Every aspect of human life has applications of technology. Technology as a whole, deal with both computer hardware and software, but the rapid growth of technology has led the way to two divisions of technology called Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology (IT). On a broad scale the difference between CSE and IT is that CSE is the science behind the applications of technology and IT deals with the technical applications in real life tasks.

Information Technology as the name says deals with technology that runs behind the processing of Information. Networking, computer software and any other forms of technology that deals with tasks like transfer and processing of data come under the IT sub wing. Under Information Technology, there are many fields that are very important in handling information such as Information Security, Network Administration, Database Administration, and System Administration.

Information Security deals with the technology involved in protecting information from threats. Cryptography is a popular technology that is used to protect information. Hiding information by converting it into the non-understandable form using mathematical functions is the main idea behind technology.

Network Administration has a major part in taking care of the information that is transferred over the network. There are many protocols designed to ensure the correctness of information transferred without any interventions. Network intrusions is a huge security aspect to be taken care of with respect to the privacy of information.

Database Administration is another important field in Information Technology. The database is a repository holding structured information which is related to one another. To maintain the database and extract useful facts from the database technology again plays an important role because the databases hold huge amounts of data which cannot be manually handled.

System Administration with respect to Information Technology deals with the technology that is housing in the system which is required to manage all the information that is being processed in the system. It is very important for IT professionals to be updated with cutting-edge technologies and the main software that resides within the computer like the operating system (OS).

Computer Science & Engineering mainly deals with computational theory and mathematics behind the development of computer hardware and software. Automata Theory, Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Web development are some of the important subfields under CSE. It handles more of theory than applications whereas IT handles more of application of technology than the science behind it.

Automata Theory deals with modeling the real world into computer language to automate tasks. It represents the environment as states and actions and rules that govern the transitions between the states and actions. Automata theory stands as a pillar for automation and artificial intelligence.

Algorithms are the basis of computer science. The theory of technology is explained through algorithms. Every logic that is identified in computer science is represented as an algorithm. Designing and analysing algorithms for a technology is the main part in developing a technology.

Computer Architecture deals with the hardware and intermediate software that depends on the hardware for functioning. The processor technology, registers required, and the bus technology used in the computer come under computer architecture.

Web development stands apart from the above fields because it deals with the front-end user experience. Designing and developing webpages and associating them with databases is the concept behind web technology.

Computer Science and Information Technology may deal with different aspects but when it comes to the real-time work, they have to work hand in hand, which means it comes under the same umbrella called technology at the end. The growing need for technology and the data produced has led to the bifurcation of technology into two fields, but the application of technology is possible only when there is coordination between computer science and information technology.

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