Confetti Cannons Are For Good Times

birthday party

You can elevate any event into a full-blown celebration with a confetti cannon. Whether you’re opening a business, presenting an award, or just throwing a killer birthday party, follow these guidelines to decide what kind of hand-held confetti cannon would serve you best.

You See Them On Television

Certain television shows and entertainment productions rely on confetti cannons. When you see certain TV shows or entertainment programs, especially ones broadcast live, you can’t possibly imagine seeing a single episode where the confetti fails to launch. The embarrassment would go viral, and it’s not the kind of attention or publicity anyone wants.

Content Matters

No matter what kind of content on TV uses confetti cannons, it’s the content of the actual cannons that makes the statement you’re looking for at your own event. To add a little extra shop our amazing glow products. Confetti cannons are packed to the brim with confetti, often powered by a compressed air cylinder in the foot of the tube. When done right, a confetti cannon results in an impressive result every single time.

Buying confetti cannons online is possible, but it can also be hard to know just what size they are. Even if you find something identical in size to what we offer, it might have less confetti or even smaller air cylinders. So, even if they look the same size, they just don’t bring the same power and impact. Don’t be disappointed.

Impressive Now, But Not Something You Want To See Later

We take pride in providing our market with a broad variety of biodegradable confetti. Whether you have an event inside or outdoors, we know how crucial it is to minimize single-use plastics while leaving a minimal trace. We have three different eco-conscious confetti options you can choose from. Water-soluble BioFetti, biodegradable tissue, and biodegradable metallic confetti are all great choices.

Customized Confetti

We customize the fill of every confetti cannon we do, per your individual specifications. Doing this lets us personalize your events and celebrations.

Ring in the new year with the white and silver glitter of our confetti, or shimmer the air with gold for your anniversary. Coordinate your wedding aesthetics with lilac and ivory, and find any combination you want or need.

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