Cool Apps to Have Some Fun This Summer

Cool Apps to Have Some Fun This Summer

Smartphones make everything that we do in our lives easier. Thanks to them, everything is more accessible and available at your fingertips. No matter which operating systems your phone runs, the app store on both Android and iOS phones are full of apps. Some of them are becoming part of our everyday functioning. Just one click on PayPal and you’re paying online for goods or services. Your pizza delivery is just one click away from your favorite pizzeria app. Some of these apps are very useful and we can’t imagine our daily life without them, while some of them we use in our free time to have some fun.

Downloading an app from the app store on your smartphone doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Most of them don’t even require any special requirements, and most of them are optimized for both Android and iOS operating systems. The apps are divided into categories so that users can easily find what they need in less than a minute. As said, while the usefulness of some apps is huge, others are more on the fun side and we enjoy using them in our free time. Here are some of the coolest apps available to download from the app store on your smartphone device.

Cool Apps to Have Some Fun This Summer

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map: Explore the Night Sky

Always wanted to explore the night’s sky? It’s a whole galaxy of stars that dreamers want to explore during the night. It’s a whole mystery that needs to be explored. This app helps you do exactly that. It helps you explore the night sky full of stars and constellations. Just one tap on this app is all you need to enter the world of planets and night time sky. The GPS feature allows you to easily move from one direction to another and explore the sky by waving your phone. The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Jackpot City Mobile Roulette

Roulette is one of the coolest casino games of all time. The origins of the game are from France but soon there became an American version of the game as well. The roulette wheel spinning up and down while the dealer deals the cards are the things that create an atmosphere that boosts your adrenaline. Now, you can have all of this while the daily commute or on-the-go. Thanks to this mobile roulette game, gamers can enjoy an exciting gambling experience. It’s a Microgaming-powered mobile app that allows players to taste the real European roulette gambling experience. All you need is a bit of knowledge of online casino roulette rules . Available for download on both Android and iOS smartphone devices.

Adobe Spark Post: Spice up Your Social Media Posts

This Adobe app is very useful for Instagram fans who regularly post media to their social media accounts.  Adobe Spark Post is a graphic design app that comes with loads of ready-to-use templates. On top of that, this app allows you to filter your images, change the photo’s size, or recolor it with one of the color palettes. The app puts at your disposal a gallery of stock photos. Definitely useful to modify your media according to your preferences. It’s like the wallet version of Photoshop that allows you to use regular media and transform the photos exactly the way you wanted.

Wysa: Talk to This Chatbot About Your Feelings

Feeling like you want to share your thoughts with others? This app allows you to do exactly that. It’s a chatbox in the form of a penguin to which you can speak your feelings. What follows are some advice about your mental health, tips on how to take care of yourself, and propose some exercises according to what you shared with it. The app comes with a lot of relaxation techniques, yoga exercises, meditation, breathing exercises, and also some tips on how to get better sleep. Wysa comes with some coaching tools that help you organize and analyze your thoughts. The app is free to download on both iOS and Android smartphones and for those who want some further assistance from a coach should pay a subscription. Thanks to its quality and good marketing, this app has become extremely popular.

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