Cool Music Download Stores You Don’t Know About


Music is the medicine of a stressful life. So in the days, everybody loves music. Music has significant roles in our lives. Here five websites where you can listen to your favourite music. Where we can upload music for you to attend free, here we can search for songs, bands, tracks, and you can create your playlist with your taste of music. We have also included made the ios or android apps that are made available by these music sites.


Soundcloud is the best online services that help relieve our stress. In this you can via your browser, mobile device or a desktop manager which can be downloaded from SoundCloud

once you are logged in, you can listen to the songs that you store in your playlists.

Here we can upload music for you to attend free.SoundCloud can download in ios, android. It also has 100million download in play stores and has got 4.5 reviews. Check here to find out if you are a producer and want to learn how to monetise Soundcloud and earn.


It is a free music streaming website where you can not only listen to favourite music but find new music also. You won’t modify the song that option will be there .you want to alter the song that option will be there .it is simple to find local and global radio stations there. Radio stations can be searched by songs, sports, news,talkgeneres and it shows you results ranging from rock to religious music and podcasts among others.


Mixcloud is a place where we place long from the audio you can set DJ’s music, podcasts, and radio shows .it have very long playlists where you can choose your favourite songs and also create your playlists here.

With this free internet players, you can discover music based on artists that you like mixcloud shows you similar songs and artists that match your taste you can also customise your stations by adding more artists and rating songs .music can be shared on Facebook, Twitter via mail. and it reviews on play store is 4.0.mixcloud can download in ios, android

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Deezer is very similar to its competitors. Deezer 35 million songs. You can play songs with sort of ads. You can also listen to playlists created by other users. You can also see what other people think about your favourite songs. You can also enjoy and share on your smartphone with mobile apps for iPhone, android more you can play songs on your current mood .you can pick a mood, and it will suggest music for you.

Dash Radio

Dash radio has tons of stations and different genres to that fit in your taste. Because dashradion know your loves for music so you can also share your chosen stations with your friends on social networks. Dash radio claims that they have more music than both Spotify and Napster.

You can browse artists, songs and public playlists.

Dash radio music academy is an interactive magazine of the online music panorama with interviews. It aggregates music from mp3 blogs and posts them on the front page, where users can you love songs .you can purchase the music and various ways to share the song on social media.


Bleep is for those who care about sound quality. It offers FLAC downloads (Free Lossless Audio codec) storing music in lossless versions which takes up almost all the audio quality as the original music. It has a diverse range of genres including indie, classical and jazz too. Although it started mainly for those favouring dance music, it has adapted itself to the changing music scene giving the listeners options to explore.

The cherry here is that it supposedly provides half of the profit to the Artists, unlike the corporate streaming platforms. Some of them might have the insecurities in buying an album before listening. Still, here you can listen to the songs before you orderBleep also caters to those fans who would love to own a physical copy of the copyrighted music in their hands as they sell Vinyl, CD’s too with the availability of worldwide shipping. It is one of those coolest stores you will find.

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Bandcamp is an American platform, especially for those independent artists who are trying to sell their music and for the fans who want to discover the undiscovered. It could be easy to assemble the fans in one place. Bandcamp also offers the .aiff, wav. Or .flac downloads You can stream it and buy it as well.

Artists have the option of releasing a song of an album before releasing the whole album for a free listen. It is also a space with a personal touch. The fans can receive personal notes and exchange emails and thank you notes with the artists themselves. It is like a close community.


Fans who like electronic dance music (EDM) are not left alone. Newcomers who are starting in the genre can check out the top 100 charts. You can buy music as singles or albums. Other genres are available too, but EDM is predominantly favoured. This site is loved because it offers lossless WAV files. It is a house of Techno, Electro, Trance, Drum & Bass, Minimal, Dubstep and many other dance genres.


7digital also provides high-resolution music downloads. The company has been around for over a decade. It has three formats – the standard quality mp3, 16bit/44.1kHz FLAC (CD quality) and 24-bit/96kHz FLAC (high-res quality). It’s easy to spot which formats are available for which tracks/albums from album artwork thumbnails.

The number of songs/albums available for purchase on 7digital is in the millions. As such, you can be confident you will find the music you want. All the latest hits from the world’s biggest music stars are also available.

Did you find your favourite store yet?

Let us respect the artists by enjoying their music by owning the copyrighted, licensed piece. It is better than streaming platforms. We pay the annual subscription but live in the constant fear of them pulling out our music when we don’t pay regularly. We can pay and download our music which we own and listen to whenever we want.

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