Coolest Smart Home Devices 2020


A smart kettlebell, the best stacker, an automation refrigerator that orders a beer, and the latest jewelry that changes color to match your dress. Incredible popular gadgets and smart devices that you can buy today on the haussteuerung technology market and on the website.

Smart Technology: Top 9 Essential Smart Gadgets to Buy

Smart Ring

Fashionistas have to buy yellow, green, red rings: to match all dresses! Enough, one ring is enough. Released iGlam Smart Jewelry gadget decoration that changes color. Made on an LED lighting system basis. The decoration is a smartphone application controller. It can change the color matching your outfit. A small snag: the ring lasts only five hours. Next, you need to pull out a portable energy nest kit and bags. It will look funny, right?

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Smart Beer Fridge

Not a refrigerator, but a dream. You can immerse 13 bottles of any drink in it. The refrigerator remembers what you put in it and when you pick it up. Based on your habits, he gives you a portion of alcohol at the right time. If it ends, DrinkShift will order drinks online from the shop companies to your home.


The dream of housewives, bachelors, and everyone who does not like to spend a lot of time cleaning. FoldiMate looks like a washing machine. But instead of washing, it neatly folds things! Imagine, you crumpled a sheet to it, and it gave you the perfect pile. And how convenient it is before traveling when you pack your suitcase!

Keyboard that Folds

Dream of a traveler. The flexible Royole keyboard folds into a tube. Pull out, layout and you can work. This miracle is connected to a smartphone, laptop, and PC. Collapses independently: just press the button.

Lighter to Help Quit Smoking

Here is a miracle presented this year. Lighter helps reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. It remembers how often you smoke and when. Schedules, gradually reducing the number of cigarettes. If you want to set fire to a cigarette earlier than set, the lighter simply will not give you fire.

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Bluetooth Bra

The problem with measuring the volume of the female breast is resolved. They came up with a smart bra that will cope with this task. It is connected to the application. Based on the findings, it recommends bras. These new products have already been bought up: their cost is $ 25.

Petcube 2

Ukrainian startup, designed for those who are very worried about their pet. The owner can remotely watch how a beloved pet behaves. The device has a remote control feeder. You can treat your dog with something tasty at any time. And for cats, it came up with laser pointers for remote play.

Smart Kettlebell

Now it’s fashionable to make all devices with smart functionality: even a kettlebell “wiser”. It will replace a whole set of devices for weightlifting. The most amazing thing: increases and decreases weight depending on your needs. There is a display on the gear where its weight is displayed, and control keys.

Control Your Heating From The Comfort of Your Sofa

If you like to be able to control most things in life with a few taps on your mobile, then you’re in luck. A Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat will let you do just that. Having these on your radiators gives you the freedom to control what rooms you need heated and to what temperature without having to go around the house doing it manually. Have a look at the Trade Radiators site for more information on these clever little gadgets.

Follow the trends and get all the funny smart devices that will make your life easier!

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