Core requirements to Fulfill for Creating a Messaging App

The basic failure that software engineers face on the stage of carrying out is showing due to the ignorance of certain problems. They are not willing to discover the best solution. Besides, there is narrowly focused knowledge keep going all the time. And whenever the issue emerges and the strategy they choose generally don’t have the capacity to solve all the keep going problems. But if you are thinking to build a messaging app like Slack, here are the main requirements for it.

Messaging Protocol

When you develop an application’s architecture, on its basis and the features of the selected Protocol effects the following things:

  • Architecture Solutions
  • Security and Encryption
  • High-speed Data Exchange Capacity
  • Voice Calls and Video Calls Support (dissimilar to first and last)
  • Amount of data convey via the protocol (e.g. messaging app with 100 customers in a group can load a device not less than an audio call)
  • It is not possible to create chats with more than two members.

For the messaging apps, there are many off the peg protocols such as XMPP and MTProto.

While every protocol possesses advantages and disadvantages. It is not an easy task to determine the best one. The protocol you pick must be according to their business model. The reasons for early unmet needs are the issues that are repeatedly occurring with the adopted system.


Scalability is used to enhance traffic and user pursuit, the number of requests to the server. The server becomes unable to manage with the load and shuts down when there is a significant increase in the number of users in the app.

Whenever you observe scalability from the start point, you set the basis for the development and keep away from the risk of smashing a dead end and going down after the request.

Moreover, the backend can be influenced by scalability. If your request isn’t scaled-out, including new features can be a source of gridlock which reveals that the code is very complicated and new features can be a horror to consolidate.


Except for default the process of designing your app to work in other languages is known as localization. Different languages and meaning of the same word which refer to locales can be involved in the process of localization.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is also a very important factor for your app. It improves the productivity of the app. With the reliable cloud storage solution, you can keep backups of your photos, videos, and documents. And you can also keep your devices in sync memes with this cloud storage.

Cloud storage enables you to have instant access to your digital data. You can also send a file to the other who is not online at that time. You can get and make changes to the documents from a web browser. Moreover, you can send and receive files and folders to the other conveniently.

User Verification

When you plan for the implementation of the security precautions on the app, user verification, identification and compliance process is a productive and secure strategy. Many applications required verification and identification of the person.

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