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Corporate video production is a process of producing visual content. A corporate video can be made of live-action scenes including stock footages and interviews or it can be in a form of animated video, or both!

The latter is getting quite popular in recent years as it has a unique way of sending marketing messages to consumers. The reason why animated corporate video works best is its entertaining and engaging format. But of course, there are multiple factors that play an important role in the success of it. These factors may include the visual quality of the content, the goodness of the script and story, graphics, voice over and the music used in the video.

These factors can either make your video a hit or a flop. There is no fixed formula of getting success in video making as you may not know what your rival is doing to get success over your video.

So if you want to try animated video as part of your corporate video production project, you must know that there are 3 different animation formats (or dimensions) to opt for:

2D Animation

2D animation (computer generated) is the simplest and the most effective in various scenarios of video making. Although it lacks a little dynamism, viewers tend to like it as it causes less strain to the eyes. It is one of the best techniques especially if all you want to show is a few characters telling a story or turning a static piece of infographic into an engaging video. On contrary, Cel animation (Aka hand-drawn) which falls under the same category, is a very complex and time consuming type of 2D animation.

2.5D Animation

As the name suggests, it is something between two dimensional (2D) & three dimensional (3D). How is that possible? Well, it is made possible in recent years. It is a technique to create a 3D space using 2D compositing software such as Adobe After Effects. While it does not create a full 3D environment and objects, it allows you to create the illusion that the video is made of 3D objects and spaces. The advantage of this type of technique over 2D is that it adds a lot more dynamism and interesting effects to the video, while impressing your viewers with a new dimension that is beyond 2D. This type of videos generally are not as expensive as a 3D but would cost you more than a regular 2D projects.

3D Animation

3D animation videos are the most visually enchanting of the whole lot. This is because of the additional feeling of depth they bring to the screen. Many complex subjects can be easily explained through 3D animation videos. 3D is particularly useful if you are introducing a real-life product or object. You can opt for a hyper realistic approach or just show the 360 rotation of the production. There are many different styles under this category that you can utilize for your next high budgeted corporate video. However, whichever your choice may be, 3D animation is one of the most expensive form of animation.

Online Corporate Video vs TV Commercial

A perfectly defined corporate video can achieve profitable objectives and can be used as a great marketing strategy. Companies and organizations are shifting from making TV commercials to producing online corporate videos. It’s no surprise as the trend is changing. The new generation prefers the internet more than anything else. Apart from this fact there are a number of benefits of choosing corporate video as an alternative:

  1. An online corporate video has no interruptions.

There are no interruptions in online videos. However, one would face a lot of interruptions during watching something on the television. And that is the reason why people switch channels while there is an ad. The online corporate videos in this case has no interruptions and you can take your own sweet time to watch it.

  1. It is less expensive as compared to other mediums.

Advertising and marketing can be quite expensive and specially a tv commercial played on the television on several channels can charge you a lot of money. This could be a disadvantage to many new ventures. However, an animated explainer video on the internet can save that extra money one would have to spend on a regular video commercial.

  1. The internet beats the television.

A TV commercial is only seen by a limited audience whereas the internet is accessible by almost every individual nowadays. With so many technological innovations such as a tablet, notebook and smart phone, people can see videos, read content, connect to coworkers and do a lot more.

Therefore, it is much easier to view a short corporate video on the internet whereas watching a commercial on the tv.

  1. It provide more information in a short period of time.

Online corporate videos are capable of providing more information than any tv commercials can provide. Moreover, the duration of a tv commercial might not be more than 30 to 60 seconds whereas an online corporate video can go over 5 minutes. (Although the longest we recommend is 90-sec). This gives an online video the opportunity to provide adequate information.

Wrapping up

The trends are changing fast and video is becoming a pivotal part of companies marketing strategy. This embolden the need for a corporate video that is able to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition. In order to achieve this objective, we need to shift our focus to the video content quality (script, story, angle) and who to hire to make it.

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