Cost and Options for Buying a Satellite Phone in the USA


A natural disaster can occur at any moment and time and in these challenging and hard times, people need every help they can get. Fortunately for the citizens of the modern world, there is a bucket load of devices available through which any sort of mishappening or unfortunate situation can be dealt with.  In the event of natural disasters, cell towers have been proven to be notorious for going down immediately, and even if they do manage to survive the phones that rely on such towers become unable to catch any signals. Thankfully, satellite phones exist. These devices have proven to be very useful in emergencies. These phones can very resourceful in the case of natural disasters as they do not rely on local cell towers but instead are powered by satellites that are stationed around various corners of the world. 

When it comes to the question of “which satellite phone to buy?” people more than often become confused as the satellite phone market is flooded with great phones that everyday people can buy. For making the selections process a bit easier here are three recommended phones that are guaranteed to be of great value. The first of the three phones is Inmarsat brand’s IsatPhone 2, it is an incredible handheld phone that can be used globally without relying on a single phone carrier service. The satellite phone comes at an affordable price of just $699. It has all the necessary features of calling, texting, and GPS service built into it while also having a tremendous standby time of 160 hours. The IsatPhone 2 seamlessly connects with satellites and lets its user make hassle-free calls from any point in the world. The second phone of the bunch is Iridium’s 9555. The 9555 is one of the most popular and reliable satellite phones in the whole market. The phone has a military-grade network that allows the user to make calls effortlessly from any point in the world. The phone has access to 66 satellites that are stationed around various points above the earth, this number enables the user to stay connected with the world even from the most isolated parts of the globe. The 9555 is trusted by professionals whose lives rely on the services that are provided by the satellite phones. The user can get all these features at the price of just $945. The last phone that is recommended to the users that are in search of a satellite phone is Iridium’s Extreme 9575. This satellite phone costs the user $1,139 and comes with all the top of the line features one can expect from an elite satellite phone. All these phones are available for purchase in this store.

Satellite phones are rapidly becoming a must-have for every individual in the world. More and more everyday folks are buying sat phones so that they can stay connected with their friends and fellows without worrying about the constraints of cell towers. If an individual wish to stay ever connected with the world then buying a satellite phone is a must. 

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