A Guide To Creating an Online Learning Management System By India App Developers


At present, when borders are closed, social distancing is practiced, and lots are quarantined, schools and workplaces are being affected greatly. But the fact is that the world cannot stop and we need to move on. Children need to study and elders need to work to earn money. In short, we need smart solutions and a key element here is a learning management system.

Almost everyone wants to use the power of the Internet and the latest technologies when it comes to learning. It is the right time to embrace future technologies and create an advanced learning program in the digital age. Whether it is an educational institute, a private business, a government organization, or a training center, everyone is leveraging the great power of a learning management system. Companies now have their learning systems for their staff to upgrade their skills or teach new ones. The educational industry has started teaching children online because it is the need of time. So, it is the best time to make an eLearning Management System with the help of an app development India company.

An online learning management system lets students access their learning materials via the Internet and send their assignments back to their teachers. On the other hand, it lets teachers create course materials, assign work, give grades, and offer feedback to the students. So, we can say that an online learning management system is a platform that facilitates collaboration and communication between teachers and students. An LMS can be used to manage and deliver all kinds of content like documents, courses, and videos.

Best Features To Include In A Learning Management System

Since the market is getting flooded with online learning management systems, you need to create a unique online learning management system to stand out. So, below is the complete list of features that your online LMS should have to succeed.

Mobile-Friendly: Your LMS should definitely be mobile friendly. You should take the usual approach while building an LMS. Create an LMS website first and then its mobile app. Most children and adults prefer to study online with a computer or laptop. So, your website should be flexible for various screens and mobile-friendly as well.

User-Experience: Learning new things is a difficult task, so your LMS should work to make it simple. It should offer a logical and smooth user experience. It should facilitate simple course creation and sending back assignments. If you want to attract more users, you should have a simplified and shorter process.

Groups creation: Create your LMS with groups in your mind. It does not matter whether you are creating an LMS for new employees or school classes, groups play an important role both for students and teachers. By creating groups in LMS, students can communicate and collaborate while teachers can distribute the course materials to everyone.

Course Creation: The process of course creation on your online learning management system should be user-friendly and straightforward. It should be simple for the teachers to upload any learning materials and organize them efficiently.

Give and Accept Assignments: You can have a separate section for assignments in your LMS that allows simple finding, customizing, and sending of assignments. You can also add another feature for the teachers to find out which students have seen and started working on their assignments.

Teacher Collaboration: Teachers of the same field will benefit from your platform if you let them collaborate on making and handling courses. Your Learning management system should allow two or more teachers of the same niche to create stronger courses and handle classes more proficiently.

Calendar: Your LMS should allow teachers to fix a deadline for the students and set a schedule. This can help them to track a student’s progress and their speed as well.

Tests and Quizzes: With tests and quizzes functionality, teachers can evaluate how much a student has learned. Other than the regular assignments, online quizzes can also be quite beneficial. The results of quizzes should be delivered both to the student and teacher so that the gap in the knowledge of the student can be determined.

Notifications: It is usually seen that children forget about assignments when they don’t go to school physically. So, while creating your online LMS, ensure to add push notification feature. You can add a pop-up notification, notification in profile, or automatic emails for the same on a website.

Communication Tools: You cannot just rely on emails when it comes to communication between students and teachers. It is better to use instant-messaging functionality in an online learning management system. You can either use in-system chatrooms or third-party tools such as Skype or Hangout. You can also consider adding a tool for video conferencing to hold webinars and lectures.

Integration: Various integrations in the LMS can save you from creating many features from scratch. However, in a business learning management system, such integrations can easily automate jobs like enrolling employees in courses or synchronizing user data.

Library: You can organize your educational content in your LMS with the library feature. You can use it to store the supplemental content for helping those struggling students. Your library in the LMS should support every kind of content like PDFs, text documents, audio, and video files.

Gamification: A gaming element can do wonders to engage more and more students. You can include different gamification elements like badges, top 10 lists, and more.

Final Thoughts

Though it is because of the pandemic locking all of us that has resulted in more and more people and students learning and studying online. In the coming years, all of us will be learning online only even without the pandemic. With every passing year, the number of students taking online courses is increasing. Thus, the demands for learning management systems is also increasing. So, if you are thinking of creating an online learning management system, it is the best time to start immediately. Get in touch with India App Developers right away who can help you with this.

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