CRM For Tech Startups: The Secret Weapon in 2021


Customer relationship contractor management software is a must-have tool for every organization that sells products or services to its clients. Because it helps to simplify the customer management; for the sales, presales, and after-sales teams.

CRM software is a robust tool to enrich customer interactions and manage leads efficiently. Additionally, the best CRM software will help design and execute effective marketing campaigns to generate high-quality leads. Growth is an essential and challenging factor for any startup especially the tech ones.

Tech startups need to increase their visibility in their target audience to lure more clients and have higher revenue.

Traditional customer management processes are inefficient, time-consuming, and less productive. The right CRM software will help to simplify and automate your customer relationship management efforts.

It will be challenging for startups to choose the right CRM software for their business. Technology Counter is a software recommendation platform in India, has made a comprehensive list of the best CRM for tech startups.

They have reviewed the software vendor on the following aspects to filter the list to the top CRM software for tech startups.

  • User Friendliness.
  • Seamless integrations.
  • After-sales support.

What are the top CRM solutions for tech startups?


HubSpot is a popular name in the sales and marketing teams because its software is a robust tool for startups and tech SMEs. The creators of HubSpot designed this tool to enrich the inbound sales and marketing for any organization.

It is a perfect tool to manage and track your social media profiles and efficiently filter your sales funnel. Additionally, it is a very user-friendly CRM software that is a reliable and scalable option for all tech startups.


  • Sales email automation.
  • Email tracking tools.
  • Ad software.
  • Email marketing.
  • Lead management.
  • Pipeline management.
  • Sales email templates.


Salesforce is one of the top CRM software because it allows tech startups to personalize the software as per needs. As a result of customization of the CRM, it will allow the startups to optimize their processes.

Salesforce has all the advanced tools to have a positive relationship with clients and ensure business growth. This software will give your business to get detailed accurate, and real-time analytics. Salesforce allows you to seamlessly integrate with other tools to centralize everything in a single platform.


  • Contact management.
  • Opportunity management.
  • Lead management.
  • Process automation.
  • Pipeline and forecast management.
  • Sales data and intelligence.
  • Reports and dashboard.

Zoho CRM

How will a CRM for tech startup list be complete without Zoho CRM in it? Zoho CRM is one of the most popular CRM software in India because it is the most preferred option by many business owners. This software solution is a perfect tool to increase your lead conversion rate and customer engagement to increase your revenue.

Furthermore, it is a robust tool for businesses of every business size from small to large.  This CRM solution will help penetrate a new customer base, increase the client retention rate, and personalize the services. As a result, tech startups will have higher productivity and sales conversion to ensure business expansion.


  • Lead management.
  • Deal management.
  • Contact management.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Sales process builder.
  • Territory management.
  • Predictive sales and intelligence.
  • Marketing automation.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM is an all-inclusive tool for tech startups to manage their relationship with every customer to understand and grow their business. This CRM system will give you reliable business insights for your organization to make strategic business decisions.

It will help your team understand your customers better to personalize the services to increase the conversion rate. Additionally, this software will help you increase the client retention rate to get repetitive business. Sage CRM helps businesses to increase team collaboration and transparency to avoid work duplication. It is a perfect tool to enrich the team performance by helping them to increase their productivity by working smartly.


  • Talent management.
  • Case management.
  • Opportunity management.
  • Forecasting and reports.
  • Quotes and orders.
  • Automated campaigns.
  • Customer surveys.
  • Actionable reports.


SAP is a customer relationship management software that allows tech startups with hyper-personalized experiences. These CRM tools help businesses to understand their customer base thoroughly and personalize the services to increase engagement. SAP is a robust solution that helps businesses deliver their promises before the deadline.

This CRM software solution will help the tech startups to deliver a connected sales experience that enriches the buying experience. Furthermore, this software will help the startups to have a customer-centric process to manage their clients.


  • Sales automation.
  • Pricing and quotation.
  • Price optimization.
  • Sales intelligence.
  • Customer analytics and insights.


Oracle CRM is a robust all-inclusive tool that helps to expedite the sales process to increase productivity and team. This software solution will help tech startups to deliver an enriched customer experience. Oracle CRM integrates AI and intelligent chatbots to enrich the customer experience.


  • AI-driven Sales automation.
  • Pricing and quotations.
  • Optimized sales channels.
  • Subscription management.
  • Partner relationship management.


Sugar CRM will help the tech startups to have an overview of their customers hassle-free. This CRM solution will help centralize the sales, presales, and aftersales teams; on one platform and let the platform do the work.

Sugar CRM allows you to make more sales with the help of automation and artificial intelligence. This customer relationship management software will help to serve more customers without any hassle. It helps your business to gather data automatically and share it with everyone in the team for easy access.


  • Quote management.
  • CRM reporting and dashboard.
  • Sales forecast.
  • Mobile CRM.
  • Campaign management.
  • Project management.
  • Multilingual and multicurrency support.
  • Social CRM.
  • Gmail CRM.

Lead squared

Lead squared is a one-stop solution that helps businesses to discover new opportunities to have high-velocity sales. It is a perfect tool to increase the efficiency of your sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Leadsquared is one of the top CRM software in India used by tech startups to accelerate their growth and business.


  • Email automation.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Mobile CRM.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • Calling reports.
  • Pipeline reports.
  • Sales closure reports.
  • Field meetings.


CRM software is an essential tool for startups to increase their sales conversion to accelerate their growth and business. CRM software is a secret weapon for tech startups to expand their business.  Technology Counter will help you to choose the right CRM software for tech startups based on their needs and budget.

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