Crucial factors to know about MLB Betting


MLB stands for Major League Baseball. MLB Betting involves money line, total and spread. You may also avail the exotic bets such as parlays and round robins. Some of the baseball enthusiasts also like to go for the Futures Wagering and the Prop bets. If you are confused about what the spread means here, it simply points out to the run line. If you are fond of betting, this is definitely the ideal ground to witness the greatest number of opportunities every season, with each teams playing at least 162 games.

The background of MLB Betting

The Major League Baseball which is more popular by its acronym MLB was founded in 1903. Today it is counted among United States’ and Canada’s four oldest professional sports leagues. Today there are 30 teams who are neatly divided between the American League or AL and the National League-NL. Within each league, there are again 3 divisions. While one of the teams is from Canada, the other of the 29 is from the United States.

The league today

The 30 teams together play a regular season consisting of 162 games, out of which 5 teams advance to reach the post seasons where there are 3 division winners and 2 teams on wild card. Amidst the best remaining records, a 1 game playoff is held. The qualifying team joins the other division winners directly in the playoff series. Finally the World Series is held between the winners from each league and the winner here is crowned as the World Champion.

Another very interesting fact about the MLF is that though it consists of so many games, the excitement of the audience does not wane off. In fact it holds the record for the highest season attendance for any of the sports league not just in USA but the entire World. It has been exceeding 72 million spectators each season right from 2006.

Forms of betting

Here are some interesting information on the different Forms of betting on MLB:

  • MLB money line betting: The MLB money line betting is rather straight forward. All you have to do is to pick out the winning team. Further among the teams that are contesting, one will be labelled as the favourite while the other is marked as the underdog. If you bet on the favourite the pay-out is low while betting on the underdog will give you a premium pay out.
  • Betting on the spread: the other form of betting that is available here is betting on the spread. Here, rather than just picking out the winning team, you can bet on the 1.5 run spread on the final scores of any of the games by the two teams.
  • The Under or Over Bet: In case of even matches between two teams, you may also go ahead and bet on the under total or over total of the scores by both the teams.

With so many matches each season, and with so many betting options, no wonder it is one of the most exciting betting places in the entire world.

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