Cyber-safety: The Best Strategy to Teach the Youth about the Digital World


The digital age is upon us and even though it paves the way to better opportunities or helps the youth keep up with current world affairs, there’s a lot that can go wrong. The internet can be the epitome of knowledge, but it needs to be used smartly, and with great caution.

Teaching your kids or the youth about internet safety is of dire importance. How else will you prep them for the future? They need to cultivate a sense of security culture, which will help them in the long run. I mean, I’m pretty sure all of us would’ve appreciated that at some point in our life?

Yes, times have changed drastically in the present and will continue to spin in the future. And with each change, comes advancements in the education of the digital world. In this guide, I’ll be showing you the best strategy to help the youth prep for the future of the modern internet. It links to education and work ethics, and teaches them more than we ever learnt.

Why the youth need to learn about cybersecurity culture?

When we talk about cybersecurity and internet safety, the youth of our world need to be at the top of every discussion. Cyberattacks and other potential risks can all be placed at the precipice, allowing the youth to prepare for what’s to come, shaping them to be future contributors.

Dear parents, and young adults, with simple and clear ushering towards cybersecurity knowledge, you can help lower the risks!

Cyberattacks are fast, and they’re growing each day. They range from Man-in-the-middle attacks, the most popular Phishing scams, SQL injections and more! You’ll never know when it’s about to strike, and in what shape it comes in.

For instance, maybe a teen signs up for an internship at a big multi-billion dollar company, without any basic cybersecurity knowledge. They receive an email on an office device, addressed from “the boss”. They click on a link within the email without thinking twice, and it crashes multiple other devices on the same network.

Don’t you think this could’ve all been prevented if the intern knew how to tackle an unknown situation like that?

This is why internet safety and cybersecurity need to be taught at a very early age. It shapes them for future employment and other areas. With a little knowledge every now and then, kids as young as 10 or 11 could know how to avoid scams, how to lower cybersecurity risks, how to determine a suspicious link, and so on!

The strategies

You’ll find a few strategies or rather a few tips that can help the youth battle out cyberattacks in the future. This is related to the work life, home environment, educational itineraries, and more. We first start with:

#1 Cybersecurity software

A great part of cybersecurity education is teaching the youth about the various software tools that help protect your online presence. Entering a particular website unprotected is also how data and devices get hacked. Parents need to control the kind of content that kids access, and at the same time teach them how to access sites with cautionary measures.

Teach them about a Firewall, about encryption, a password manager, or even how to use a VPN. At the moment a virtual private network is the most popular security tool. Parents need to invest in VPN services,to keep control of their kids’ internet activities, protect their device in case a malicious link was clicked on, and so on. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, since there are many cheap VPN services that are the best in the industry!

#2 Home education

Parents need to understand that kids do need screen time, but for the right reasons. Streaming on Netflix, or making videos on TikTok can all be done as a balance. There are so many things you can start teaching to youth right in your own homes. Teach them about software, and that certain security tools should be used when online.

Teach your kids about trust and owning up to mistakes. For instance, don’t you think it is better that your kids report to you about certain websites that they visited which could send viruses through the entire system? This isn’t even about knowing consequences, it’s about shaping them to be better employees.

There were many cases where cybercrimes were pushed under the rug and never reported in fear of consequences. If reported, the issues could’ve been tackled before any more damage was created.

#3 Cybersecurity education at schools/colleges

Learning a foreign language or PE classes are great. But, educators! Don’t you think your students would benefit from cybersecurity classes too? The reason why our teens access random websites or click on malicious links is because of the lack of awareness or practice during the most crucial part of their youth. It’s important to add cybersecurity education to the curriculum, not as an extra subject but as a main.

#4 Employee training

Allow the youth to train for the office life. Cybersecurity is important during early stages but it’s equally required at the workplace. To shape them for the business world, they have to develop certain skills that will help towards lowering cyberattacks. Security training at the office should also be introduced and ongoing.

You’ll find that most companies aren’t prepared for tackling cyberattacks. Most don’t even know where to begin. However, if we allow the youth to start early with security education, they’ll know what to do by the time they’re in the working phase.

To conclude

Cybersecurity measures and internet safety needs to be taken very seriously. There’s always going to be an increase in cyberattacks, but with time and proper education, the youth can help lower these risks. They need to be given digital rights, how to control and utilize devices in a safe way, to be empathetic towards other online users, to determine content that’s considered as dangerous and malicious and much more.

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