Dedicated Server will Accelerate Your Business

Shared servers are known as the conventional servers and millions of websites are hosted on these servers. According to webmasters, these servers are unable to meet the current market conditions due to their lack of features. If someone is running an eCommerce business, that website must able to handle high traffic those will always make a great contribution to their basic business. Shared servers are certainly not the right way to go for. This is the main reason; dedicated servers are now playing a crucial role to propel these businesses properly.

What is a Dedicated Server?

dedicated server is known as a piece of hardware by itself. This server has its own processor, hard drives along with the RAM. It also comes with tremendous bandwidth capacity that will always accelerate its capability. Dedicated servers will properly manage the software and advanced functionality. This is the main reason for which, webmasters around the world are now gearing up to host their websites with these dedicated servers. You can easily install and run any program with this server. It is also easily accessible. This is the main reason for which, most of the business houses are now getting these servers for their own business.

How it Benefits Businesses?

The businesses will enjoy faster website loading time and the data available on the site is accessible very quickly. It maintains the heavy traffic easily without any hassles and the users do not feel any issues when visiting the site. It is a very good option to use for the medium and large-sized business as it is fully capable of meeting the needs of the businesses. The most important advantage it offers is top-end security and this is very important for anyone in the eCommerce business. It offers better power and scalability to the business. The full server is under your command and hence the CPU, bandwidth, and the RAM is all dedicated to your business. This means you enjoy peak performance unlike what you get when using the shared servers. You get to use the root access and also configure settings, install software, and the server logs to meet the needs of your business.


The shared servers do not give you the freedom to explore the capabilities of your website due to the limitation in the bandwidth. With a dedicated one, you have no such issues as the bandwidth on offer is only for your website and business. The biggest benefit when switching to a dedicated one is the customization option so that you can use any operating system or software that meets the need of your business.

Security and Privacy

It offers top-end security as it comes with firewalls and security monitoring options to ensure the safety of your business. It is vigilant 24×7 against the virus attacks, malware, data breaches, and hacks using the best firewalls and control access applications. It helps the business to develop a stronger security system and enjoy the utmost privacy.

If slow page loading, timing out of pages when loading, and errors are seen frequently on database requests, then it is time to switch to dedicated servers.

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