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The inception of the Internet has made the world a global village where people can connect easily, share pictures and videos using digital devices such as mobile phones and computers. With this level of advanced technology in communication comes with its share of baggage, which can at times be too heavy to bear. Practically it does not pass a week without a significant story on the news and social media about leaked data, encryption, spying or other concern on the digital privacy of companies, celebrities, and citizens at large.

Most of the articles online always talk about the importance of an individual or company beefing up the security of their internet connection, especially when using public Wi-Fi hotspots on significant restaurant and streets. They mostly fail to dig deep into details on how you can protect yourself or company over the internet.

How do this VPN connection and proxy servers they keep talking about daily do works? If at all you are thinking of beefing up your security, it’s essential to choose the correct tool for this purpose. The main scope of this article is to highlight the differences and benefits of VPN connection and proxy server. You can also check this link if you want to further your research on VPN and Proxy:

I would suggest you stick around and find out how accurately you can improve your security online and the best option to choose from between VPN connection and proxy server per your preference.

Although VPN and proxies are fundamentally different, they have one common thing; they are both able to hide your IP address and make you appear to be browsing from a different geographical location as opposed to where exactly you are. How they exactly perform this ’magic,’ you will find out in just a minute.

What exactly is a VPN connection?

A VPN or Virtual private network was initially designed and developed to be used by prominent organizations so that employees can share files and data from a different location without necessarily compromising the privacy of the company.

A VPN connection boost of using different servers that are operated by a VPN company. To connect to VPN serves you are required to use client software that is supplied by the company. Once you are connected to these servers, they act primarily as a middleman between the internet and your device.

When connected to the VCN server, all the internet traffic from your device is first channeled to the secure VPN server before receiving the final output. The connection channel from your device to the VPN server and vice versa is always encrypted. This encryption gives you level privacy from whoever had a mischievous motive to have access to what you are doing over the internet.

When connected to a VPN server, browsing can be fun and private has your IP address and identity are always secured from the public, and instead, the VPN address and identity takes your place. This means that anybody trying to locate your traffic and identity will instead be served with those of VPN server.

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VPN serves designed to work at an operating system level. The moment you connect your computer or phones to a VPN server, all the traffic from the internet passes through it from both ends making your identity and location anonymous.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy server is like a computer that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. When you connect your device to a proxy, all the internet traffic is first channeled to the proxy server before receiving your commands. Immediately the information reaches the proxy server; it hides your IP address and makes your activities appear to be coming from that of the proxy server.

For example, you are physically in Nairobi, Kenya and you would like to view YouTube videos that are only available for people with IP address from united states of America connecting to a proxy server that is located in the united states of America gives you the chance to watch the YouTube videos  regardless of your geographical location. How is this possible? The traffic from your browser assimilates the location of the proxy server.

Even though the proxy server can camouflage your IP address, it does not eliminate all the links and information that can create a lead to identify you. Proxies are preferable for an easy task like viewing restricted YouTube videos and bypassing IP (Internet Protocol) based restriction services. So if you are only thinking of masking your geographical location, then it is not a bad idea to use proxy servers.


VPN investment is a good investment for anyone interested in online privacy and elimination of any kind of internet censorship based on geographical location.

Using VPN provides you with a masked IP address with encrypted data that you receive or send, unlike proxy that only provides you with hidden IP address.

  1. Provides online privacy

VPN service of creating encrypted data whenever you are browsing gives you a high level of confidentiality since nobody can read or see whatever you are downloading or uploading over the internet. Also, nobody can accurately locate your physical location or identity because all your web traffic passes through the VPN server first, which then transmits it to obtain the result.

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  1. Ability to bypass both geo-blocking and censorship services.

VPN service providers are spread across different countries and continents. In any event, you are unable to access specific service over the internet due to your geographical location, worry less. VPN has got you covered; you can directly access this service by connecting to a VPN server that is located in that local area.

  1. Provides you with security while using Wi-Fi Hotspot

Have you ever known how vulnerable you are the moment you connect your phone or laptop to that Wi-Fi of your favorite coffee spot? I guess you don’t. Those instances can give a potential intruder an opportunity to breach your security.

Using VPN encrypts all your data while using the WI-FI, eliminating any possible chance of anybody going through your staff.


VPN is no exception and also have its disadvantages which I consider minor. With VPN you are required to download and install the VPN software on your device. Also using VPN slows down your internet connection; this is due encrypting and decrypting features that are incorporated in VPN that takes quite some time.

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