Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning is one of the most important aspects of any home that factors comfort as a priority and lifestyle choice. If you live in an area with fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, then a good AC system is essential for your home. This also applies to businesses where people gather together in one place, such as restaurants and eateries. Customer comfort is a major part of the business’s success. Business owners have come to appreciate that employees and customers’ comfort should always be prioritized hence the need to choose a good AC system for their premises.

Apart from choosing the right AC system may it be wall-mounted or centralized, it is also important to clean it regularly. And for that one can always hire someone professional service provider such as Willard Power Vac.

What Determines Your Choice of AC System

Choosing an AC system is not as easy as walking into the store and picking one. You may need to select your unit based on several crucial factors. For instance, you may want to look into different ACs if you run a business where temperatures need to be maintained at certain levels like in hospitals and restaurants where medicine and food must be kept fresh. Safety needs and regulations may influence your choice of AC. Below are some of the most common commercial air conditioner systems you may need to explore, depending on your immediate needs. It is advisable to look at several available systems before settling on one. Compare and contrast to get your options right.

Single Split AC systems

After discussing with an expert from Elite Air conditioning (https://eliairconditioninglv.com/), they stated that this type is a common choice for most businesses. It is a heating and cooling unit that is both compact and affordable. They function best in building spaces with small offices, restaurants, shopping rooms, and server rooms. It comes with an air conditioner, which cools the refrigerant. Other crucial components are:

  • The furnace which converts the refrigerant
  • An evaporator coil for air circulation
  • Standard issued thermostat/panel for controlling the system

Most small to medium-sized businesses prefer installing this system because they are easy and affordable compared to a centralized HVCA unit. Apart from the cost attraction, the units operate independently because they are self-contained, meaning that one faulty system will not hinder the operation of other units in case you install several of them.

Multi-Split Systems

This may be similar to the single split system in terms of how they operate. However, they function differently. For instance, to have a single split unit working properly, every indoor unit should be paired with an outdoor unit. On the other hand, multi-split units operate differently. It is possible to connect several indoor units to a single outdoor unit without encountering any issues.

The advantage of using this type ofHVCA unit is the significant energy costs that you cut in the long run. Every time an AC unit’s compressor is turned on and off, a huge amount of energy is used. The multi-split system comes with sensors that detect temperature changes, making it easy for the unit to adjust when necessary.

It also comes with heat pumps that help with heating, thus saving money that would have been used for heating. The pumps move heat from warm areas to cooler ones. If you are going for aesthetic value, this is the unit to go for since it is more appealing as only one unit is needed to attain the same results you get from multiple units.

VRF Systems

In case you have a large space and require a good and reliable system, then consider installing a variable refrigerant flow system (VRF systems). These work perfectly for hotels and larger office spaces that need powerful air conditioning. There are two types of VRF systems in the market.

Heat Pump VRF System

This kind of HVAC system will either heat or cool the building. It can also do both functions at the same time. It would work perfectly for open-floor layouts.

Heat Recovery VRF System

This system works by heating or cooling concurrently. It is excellent for buildings that have several small rooms as opposed to open spaces.

Regardless of the system a business owner settles for, a commercial HVAC system is the best choice for small, medium, and large operations. The fact that business owners have several choices to pick from makes it flexible for them.

VAV or CAV System

The variable air volume or constant air volume system utilizes a single duct supply return step-up that comes with varying airflow. This is what keeps temperatures at specific temperature levels.

Warehouse Air Conditioning Unit Types

Apart from HVAC systems used for commercial purposes and businesses, other AC units that are best-suited for Warehouses. Even so, warehouse owners may have to combine several systems for it to work well. Some of the common units used in large warehouses include:

Huge Ceiling Fans

These are not your ordinary ceiling fans. In fact, they are made of 24-foot blades with high volume and low speed. These large fans can easily reduce the temperature levels in the hardware by not less than 20 degrees, which is ideally what these warehouses need.

Industrial Box Fans

These can move large air volumes through large spaces without losing their portability. They can be very convenient for warehouses that require a constant flow of air.

Evaporative Coolers

Cost and comfort can go together when looking for AC solutions for your warehouse. The evaporative coolers work by combining a box fan and a misting system that is highly refined.

When considering HVCA solutions for your warehouse, it helps talk to professionals who know a thing or two about these units. What you think would be perfect may necessarily not be an ideal solution. The same applies to your business and commercial units. With so many types available in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed and pick an option that may not serve you best or too much for your space. Unless you are replacing a unit you have used before, consider working with professionals to change your unit or upgrade to the next level. The bottom line is that there will always be something for everyone as far as cost is concerned.

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