Different Types of Spy Gear You Can Invest in For the Family

Different Types of Spy Gear You Can Invest in For the Family

If you think spy gear only belongs in the movies with the likes of James Bond and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, think again. These items are for real and one can even purchase them either online or at dedicated stores in many countries. In the United States, items that belong to this category have become so common for people to buy, that you don’t even need to think twice about it.

In some states, the rates of crime have amplified and according to the CBS NEWS website, the results showed that the USA suffered from over 360 violent crimes, per a hundred thousand residents. Detroit, being number one where they have almost 2000 incidents per 100,000 residents. Click here to find out where your state stands in the ranking.

There is a lot that the government can do about it and is currently doing to curb these numbers in all areas, however, we too can do our bit in keeping our families and loved ones safe. Below are a few items that one can purchase to feel safer in their environment.

Spy Gear for The Whole Family

There are several items one may purchase for the home and yourself personally that can come in handy during unfavorable situations. In every home, safety should be the number one priority.

Child and Home Protection. There are many things we can do to keep our environments safe especially our dwelling spaces. Things such as access control items can help significantly in stopping any break-ins or thefts in the home. Some suggestions include keyless fingerprint door locks or digital door locks where only the owner and a certain trusted few people have the codes to gain access.

You can even get home alarm systems installed in the main rooms and outside, such as motion sensor alarms with lights that turn on when it senses any movement. These too, come in various types from passive infrared sensors (PIR) to the Ultrasonic or Microwave (MW) types, which can be looked at here:   https://www.safewise.com/resources/motion-sensor-guide/

Computer Monitoring

Computer Monitoring. The internet, as helpful as it is, is a two-edged sword, unfortunately, it can also be a terrible influence when not monitored, especially in the context of our children. Once kids understand what a computer can do, they can easily turn it on and look for things without being supervised. If computers don’t have firewalls, virus protection, and malware fences, or nanny cams on them, they are open to any threats and children are vulnerable to seeing things that can negatively affect them.

Having a computer monitored using the right software or a camera that monitors the device so you can see if your kids are on it can help save their lives, literally. There are so many child predators online on various social media platforms and chat rooms that pose as teenagers, and lure their victims to meeting them, which history has shown leading to kidnaps and murders, that we can never be safe.

There are various computer monitoring software one can purchase that have proven to be very effective against cyber-attacks, or any PG-rated content and filters out any inappropriate data for your children, almost like an internal nanny cam that’s looking after your children’s search history.

Listening Devices. One can even get listening devices installed in their homes, and can be as simple as sticking it underneath a table or inside the phone. Recording devices have been used by the government since the 1st president of the United States took reign, and continue to be used, more so now than ever,

Microphones and recording accessories can come in handy in many situations, for instance for insurance purposes, if someone has duped you and need hard evidence or proof of this, you can wear any type of listening devices created to look like a pen or a stuffed animal in a child’s room, and voila! You get the culprit confessing on tape. Of course, by law, it is illegal to record someone without their permission, but if it is a personal family issue, it may hold in court depending on the situation.

The next time you come across your kid playing outside or sitting in front of the television or computer screen, think twice about how safe they are?

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