Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

digital marketing trends

This type of marketing is a very particular and it has grown at an enormous rate over the last decade. This happened due to an increased demand for new and more innovative strategies by the businesses. The strategies are tools that are used to attract more customers. Since the orientation of customer has changed, the strategies have to evolve to create a  competitive advantage. Although, the market has become quite saturated as the number of users is growing by every passing day the strategies also needs to be advanced. Following trend is a perfect way to target new customers through digital marketing. You should watch out for a change in trends to mold your strategies accordingly. The trends below are the most popular ones to keep an eye on.

Quest For Another Search Engine

The blogs are getting more saturated by every passing day and to stay on the first page of Google has become quite a challenge. Now people are turning to the SEO specialists to bring about the desired outcomes. The rise of new demand in the market always takes an innovative turn. You can also count on the Citylocal101 for the sake of better online exposure and business uplift. YouTube can also be called another big search engine with approximately one billion active users. The studies show that even a manager prefers to watch videos rather than reading the text. The start of the year 2020 is very fertile for such an appearance.

Marketing With Interactive Videos

You would have noticed often that a some video pops up all of a sudden while you are working or just browsing. If the video touches your interests, you continue to watch the video and skip if it is irrelevant. It is easier to watch and learn through a smart video. You can also call the video marketing is the next generation marketing strategy. Because the video content works perfectly with the kids between 5-10 years. The facts below may surprise you.

  • 72% of companies claim an improved conversion rate with video marketing
  • 52% buyer feel more confident after watching a demo video online
  • 65% of the targeted executives view the product and about 39% contact by phone.

So you see how good video content is for rapid penetration.

The Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence is one of the very desired technologies that has started to surface by taking on simple jobs. It is expected that it will play a key role in determining the customer’s moods and trends once it has evolved to a certain level. If you didn’t put automation in play to boost your business, then 2020 is the best year to take initiatives. The automatic payment handling, the advanced chatbots are the most popular examples of the present form of AI. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence is not bound only to digital marketing. It has started to take hold of other businesses in the form of automated activities. Some of the car companies have already put their plans in motion under the idea of zero labor.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming more popular as the rate of its users are growing exponentially. You may call Facebook and Instagram the first row competitors for this specific area. The experts claim that these two platforms get a better response as compared to the others. This is why marketers target these two platforms. Instagram is basically a Facebook company and that is why several features are the same. Still, they can both be used independently for effective digital marketing. These platforms can be used for targeted marketing because consumer trends are studied continuously.

The Famous Chatbots

You might have experienced that when you visit some websites chatbots appear near the right corner of your computer screen. Their sole purpose is to keep the visitor busy on that page. It is fully equipped to answer the basic questions. You can also call them an active AI project, they can work day and night without stopping. This is what makes them effective in challenging and demanding market. Having chatbots can accomplish the dream of a 24-hour helpline and it never leaves a visitor unattended.

  • They have a huge demand of about 80% by the businesses in 2020
  • A study suggests that the chatbots will take over 85% of the customer services by 2020
  • Some experts say that these bots will help companies save about 8 billion annually by 2022

Push Notifications

The push notification can be noticed easily in everyday life. Although they are very annoying, 85% of the online stores use them to grab more market share. Push notifications are often considered tradeoffs, like you sign up to get something in return. You get what you wanted and the marketer gets your contact for marketing. You can also witness marketing push notification when you are enjoying an app on your cell phone. They force you to watch the marketing content and in return, they offer you something that you might need. The young consumer seems to get attracted by such tactics, and they make a huge part of the society.

Visual Search

This is a very innovative approach and can take the user to a different level. The user just have to take and upload a snap to search online. Several big names have already an active visual search engine. The Pinterest lens offers its unique service to search and buy products online. Ever since its launch, the beta version can identify 2.5 billion products through cam that has inspired over 600 million users online. The Google lens offers a similar service that can identify objects and landmarks. This is a technology that will do marketing wonders in 2020. Now a customer just needs to take a snap of your business card to find your products.

The market is always hungry for trends and you can say that the trends decide what your marketing strategy will be. If you want a business to survive in 2020 or afterward, you should pay close attention to the latest technological developments. An effective digital marketing strategy is not only inexpensive but plays a vital role in getting you more customers worldwide.

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