Do You Recognize These Obsolete Technologies?


Technology is evolving at a very fast pace. It seems like every minute of the day, there are new innovations coming in. There are a lot of inventions that make people’s lives easier. Exchange of information all over the world are done in nanoseconds. If you are asked to write about this, you can visit sites such as to know more. You can pick up essay and topic ideas on the website about the new technologies that are currently on the move all over the world.

If technology and information are always on the move, expect that there will be some of the inventions that are getting obsolete by the hour. These things are those that people will no longer need. They are currently not applicable, or people will no longer find something to use them for. If you are wondering what we are talking about, here are some of the obsolete technology inventions that are no longer useful to the lives of people living in the 21 century.

Some of the Technologies that are No Longer in Use

  1. Pagers – Pagers are expensive to maintain. A lot of people now use the smartphones for direct messaging. Two-way paging is not reliable anymore. It requires more time, and there are less functions available.
  2. Rotary Phones – Because of its novelty, these phones were used in the 1800s. It was considered obsolete by the year 1900. Many people were able to switch to push-button phones and find the rotary phone dials’ too much of a hassle. At this time, if you are still using a rotary phone, you might not be able to reach a lot of people. Instead, you might be able to call one or two old friends.
  3. Radio – Radio is now becoming obsolete since most people rely on the internet for news. There are less news anchors and stations that offer news. If they have news at all, their reach might just be local. The internet can provide a wider scope of news and the television can provide visuals that make things more interesting.
  4. Walkie Talkies – In the past, talking to walkie-talkies was a great thing. People have discovered that they were able to communicate with one another even from a distance. However, the benefits end there. The walkie talkie’s reach was not wide enough. They were replaced with high-end smartphones with the help of which people can communicate with each other even if they are both on the polar ends of the earth.
  5. Polaroid Cameras – Many people were fascinated by these cameras in the past. However, as the years went by, more powerful cameras with larger megapixels and allow storages on computers became dominant in the market. In case of most Polaroid cameras, you might still have to buy every paper to develop your films. At this time, you can simply take a photo, get a photo paper, and print unlimited shots using a printer.

Other Things That are Not so Useful Today

  1. Floppy Disk – This is when people were storing small bits of data. Floppy disks were slowly replaced by USBs and hard drives that contain 100 TB of storages. The floppy disks of the past were easy to corrupt, didn’t store any videos, and it could easily break. Nowadays, you might not see a lot of people using these disks since they might not amount to a lot of storage.
  2. Typewriter – This was a device to type your words directly to the paper. However, with the rise of low-cost computers, people discover that they can produce cleaner and neater outputs. They can also edit fonts, add pictures, and do a lot of stuff on a computer, which they can’t do on a typewriter. There are a few people today who use this machine.
  3. 8-Track Cassette – This is a magnetic tape technology that plays sounds and uses for recording. Its original form is a kind of magnetic tape recorder that is too bulky and expensive. At this point, many people find the cassette to be too daunting. In order to record something, there are easier ways such as using their smartphones and sending their recorded voices on the internet on a single tap. These tapes were also very expensive to manufacture and more costly than the average phone.
  4. Ditto Machine – This is a primitive type of photocopier that uses ammonia or methylated spirits in order to transfer ink to other types of paper. These machines were common in schools. Nowadays, there are a lot of copier machines that do not use harmful fumes when copying a master text. Some of the printers have the ability to scan colorful pictures and reproduce a copy on the computer that can be printed in seconds.
  5. Boom Box – This is called a jam box that features the FM/AM radio. It generally has a handle and a place where cassette tapes can be inserted. It was considered obsolete with the rise of CD players in the 80s. The boom box can record radio stations, play music, and can serve as a speaker where people in the ’70s can play tunes. However, due to the rise of technology, these boom boxes were replaced by MP3 players. A typical student can carry a smartphone anywhere and can play their favorite tunes whenever they want.


These obsolete technologies were useful in the past but because of the innovations made, they do not apply in the lives of people nowadays. In time, there are a lot of market innovations that will make the things that people currently use obsolete as well. As the saying goes, change is the only permanent thing in this world.

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