Dos And Don’ts For Capturing Amazing Group Photos


As we know, we are going through a pandemic right now, which brings both positive and negative aspects to our life. One of the positive changes is that we are not myopic anymore; we promptly want to go out, already deciding what places to visit and people to meet. And with all that comes a lot of group selfies and photographs. It is just a human tendency to save every memory by clicking pictures and, of course, to update our social media.

And clicking great pictures is just half the worth until you have great photo viewers to look at them too. You can find a curated list of photo viewers as per TechyHost. Spending time with family and creating memories is also a big part of this pandemic. Isn’t it? so let’s see what we can do to have those perfect shots to seal our memory


1 LIGHTING -In any photograph, lighting is the most important factor. You would not want yourself to get clicked somewhere with dull lightings because, with all the dazzling clothes and charming smile, your shot will lack the most basic component. So prefer standing opposite to the light or getting yourself clicked at the time of golden hour can put feather onto your picture.

2 LOCATION – Location is another very important component of having a perfect shot. You would not want yourself to get clicked in a filthy space like a dumpster until and unless it is some new social media exciting challenge. So choosing the right spot to have pictures with your mates and family is important.

3 FIRMNESS – As we are hoping to get a perfect shot, it is really necessary to have steadiness as not to blur our pictures. So if you are clicking with nice cameras, don’t forget to bring your tripods or camera stands.

4 MULTIPLE CLICKS – Every social media influencer or a supermodel gets dozens of pictures clicked before selecting the best one. So never think that one photograph is enough because we have so many faces and components in a group picture getting clicked, and of course, not every shot is perfect. Never shy away to have multiple clicks.

5 ANGLE – As we are trying to place many faces in just one perfect shot, we will need a wide-angle lens if clicking with a camera. And if clicking with the phone just keep your phone horizontally because it will cover wider angle then vertical one and also in phones now there are an inbuilt feature of wide-angle. And make sure every head is showing and no one is left behind.

6 GROUP PEOPLE ACCORDING TO FAMILIES – Make sure family members are standing together, which is always necessary. People tend to be more comfortable and happy around their own. And if the event is centered around two people, place them in the center of the group.

7 FOCUS – Set your aperture at f8 or higher to get everyone’s faces in focus

8 BE HAPPY – Just have a big smile on your face. It is undoubtedly the most important factor to get the best shot. And enjoy the perfect time with your family.



1 SCATTERING – Don’t try to scatter your group much because it can become really hard to have a perfect angle. Keep everyone as close as possible and wait till the group is organized.

2 SHOOT NEAR LARGE OBJECTS – It is really important to choose the right location. If you have big objects near you, their shadows are most likely to ruin your picture. Even if you are having a perfect light setting, a shadow can ruin a lot.

3 TAKE TOO LONG TO POSE – Sometimes, clicking a large group can be a big task. If everyone starts posing at a random time, it becomes almost impossible to get a perfect shot.  So it is better not to take too long to pose or worry and actually enjoy the moment.

4 POSITION OF SUN – Even in a normal selfie or a group photo, it is always advised not to have sun directly behind your back until you want to have a sylvette effect.

5 DO NOT SHOT HEADS IN THE HORIZON LINE  – If we align the heads of all people present in the group photo with the horizon line, the background becomes distracting. So prefer taking a picture either from above or below the horizon line.

6 DETAILS – Do not let any details get unnoticed. This is a very common mistake, and our human brain always thinks that in a situation where plenty of people are present, no one is going to notice a small detail.

7 CREATIVE – To have a perfect family picture, many people end up taking a lot of stress and try to put in a lot more creativity than needed. Sometimes simplicity is the key

8 MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS VISIBLE – Sometimes, we get so focused on maintaining a pattern that some of the people end up hiding behind each other. Be candid.


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