The Easiest Way To Check An Email Validity In 2022

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Launching email campaigns is not only about creating a catchy message and setting an adequate schedule. There are a lot of pitfalls you need to know about this marketing channel to get a decent result.

One of them is email validity. Hence, in this article, we want to explain how to check if emails are valid and why you need to focus on this aspect.

Why Email Verification Is Important?

You might ask: why should we spend our time and resources to find out if an email is valid? While creating an email database and extracting email addresses, you might encounter emails that are no longer working. They won’t receive your messages and send them back. The number of such emails is represented by bounce rate.

A high bounce rate can spoil your sender’s reputation, and you will have issues with your deliverability later. With the help you can overcome these issues so that your emails continue to be delivered effectively.

How Can You Check If An Email Is Valid?

So, how to know if an email is valid? There are two main approaches: you can do it manually or use a tool.

By manual approach, we mean that you need to email your subscriber and ask them to confirm that this email is active. As you can guess, this way can be time-consuming and not bring great results.

Tools like a bulk email checker have wider tech capacities to run tests and provide you quickly with necessary data.

Here Is The Easiest Way To Check The Email Validity Nowadays

How to know if an email is valid? Here are three ways how to check if the email is real, and usually, they are implemented into the testing tools.

Step 1: Syntax Check

It is a process of checking the spelling of the email addresses you collected. Even the smallest typo in the domain (for example, “.ne” instead of “.net”) will deliver a message to the wrong mailbox.

It also helps to detect spam traps, service emails, and other types of addresses that won’t bring any value to your email campaign.

Step 2: Domain Check

You might add the email addresses of the companies that shut down a while ago. Their email addresses might still be on the web, while the business has already left the market. Domain check will help you to detect if the business domain associated with the email address is still active.

Step 3: Catch-All Domain Check

Catch-all domains are designed to accept any email sent to them, even if the email address is wrong. However, they also generate hard bounces you will want to avoid to protect your sender reputation.

A reliable tool will detect such type of domain and suggest you remove it from the mailing list.

Final Words

As you can see, there are a lot of answers to the question “how to test if an email is valid”. Don’t neglect this process, as it will help you to avoid major problems with your mailbox, deliverability issues, and blacklisting.


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