eCommerce Sales Work Calendar That Can Lead Your Way To A Profitable 2021


We are sure you know how unproductive it is to work in a space that is clumsy and cluttered. It often gets extremely frustrating, and highly affects the outcome of each individual. Just like an uncluttered office can put off your hard-working employees, a disorganized online storefront can cost you your customers.

2020 has been hard on many businesses. Where some businesses are trying to build new strategies to cover the loss the global pandemic has caused them, others are still fighting hard to survive this unexpected phase. So, if you are a business owner who wants to come out of the crisis stronger, read this post to know how you can lead your way to a profitable new year.

Declutter Your Website And Create New Marketing Campaigns

The world will change post-COVID-19 — everything from how we shop to what we shop and where we shop. But this doesn’t mean brands can’t do anything about it.

This is the perfect opportunity for brands to gain the trust of their customers and prospects, understand their behavior, needs, and exceed their expectations at all levels. So, make use of the time you have left before we say goodbye to the year 2020.

Declutter website management. Study your customers closely — what do they like, where are they based on, what are their hobbies, etc. Also, understand how COVID-19 pandemic has affected your company’s sales. Lastly, keep in mind all the marketing strategies that worked well for you in the past years.

Once you have everything you need, review the product prices, offers on your website, and make the changes wherever needed. Remove outdated campaigns and make sure your offerings are customized according to the current needs of your customers.

Ensure Your Website Works Well Across All Devices

 Now that you’ve updated new plans on your website and made the offers more enticing to the visitors, it’s time to check the website’s compatibility across all devices.

If your eCommerce site has in-built testing tools, this tip is no brainer. You can easily use one of them, and based on the scores, improve the user experience and interface. In case you find out that your website is not mobile-friendly, hire the services of an eCommerce website development company, address the issues, and review all aspects of the website design — from navigation to contact information.

When improving the site’s UX, review the entire buying process, and make sure it is as smooth as possible. A complicated buying process is the most common reason behind cart abandonment.

Review Your Campaigns 

The commencement of a New Year is usually accompanied by ads that are still using last year’s campaign’s hashtags and offers. These campaigns typically run when they can’t break even or are trying to retarget potential customers.

Now, it’s easy to overlook such things during the holiday season. And while those old ads may drive traffic to your website, you don’t want your customers to be disappointed knowing that the offer is currently not valid.

Clicking through a promotion only to find out that it has expired is one nightmare no customer wants to experience. Not only will it strike up your bounce rates, but also impact your credibility.

So, periodically clean your marketing and sales messages. Do a quick swipe. Keep track of when the promotion started and when it will end. Invest in an ad campaign management tool.

Moreover, test relevant ads to ensure they run smoothly.

Final Thoughts 

Apart from these above-mentioned tips, work on content and SEO optimization, review analytics across website design, sales, marketing, and site performance, and create a lessons-learned report from eCommerce sales. If you need help working on content and SEO marketing, don’t hesitate before seeking help from Greenville SEO experts. They are highly professional and can help you take your eCommerce business to the next level.

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